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Let's do this thang!


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Hi there. I'm Laura. I'm 34. I live in Philly. This now sounds like a personal ad...

Let's start over.

I'm starting the Whole30 this Sunday, July 1. I have been on and off the paleo wagon for a few months now, so this is my attempt to get back on the wagon and really stay there. I'm mom to a 15-month old son who is a walking, babbling, shrieking ball of energy and I think I owe it to him to be better than I am right now. I've had PCOS since I was a teenager, but it is probably at its worst right now. Since my son's birth, I have not only kept on the weight that I gained while using fertility meds to conceive him, but also kept on the pregnancy weight and added on a few more lbs just for good measure. Exercise and calorie counting have never made a huge difference unless I'm making the gym a part-time job, which is just not an option right now. I've also started experiencing some really persistent digestive issues since having my son, but I really want to fix them through diet and not through medication.

The Whole30 is part of an overall attempt to FINALLY address my PCOS head-on. I'll be embarking on diet change, an exercise plan, and will be visiting a specialist who will help me tackle this condition from the medical side, too. I'm hoping to chronicle this entire journey in blog form. This is a year-long project for me, the end goal of which is to be able to conceive our second child without the need for any fertility drugs and to carry that child to term without any complications. (I had GD and preeclampsia with my son.) My child (or children, perhaps) deserves a mom who is healthy, energetic, and there for the duration.

So there it is. The community on this forum seems very supportive and fun. I'm looking forward to participating. Please be gentle when I cry about not being able to have cheese.

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