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Round 2 and SUPER excited!


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So Monday will start day 1 of my second whole30. I am so excited to be back within the guidelines as I haven't done that great of a job outside of them. I'm not by any means living a SAD, but I haven't been having any issue having plenty of drinks and allowing rice and a few opportunities for corn chips when my plantain chips run out.

The things I've been awesome about is that I've mostly kicked my sugar habit. By mostly I mean, I used to have no issue sitting down with a bag of hugs and eating one after another. Now I grab an orange or a fruit leather. But mostly, I don't look for sugars anymore. So that's an amazing feat as I've always been known as the sugar gnome. I have weighed myself once out of curiosity since completing my challenge and have gained a pound, which I'm not having issue with. My clothes are fitting the same, so I'm planning on getting rid of our scale :) the third and most possibly amazing thing in my world is that I have learned to be able to drink my coffee black. (!!!!!) I always thought people that did that were CA-RAZAY!!! But I learned to enjoy it with just my homemade almond milk, and then eventually, came to see that it's not that big of a difference without the almond milk!

The things I'm hoping to gain from this W30 is to continue on my meal planning beyond the 30 days. I pretty much stopped that once our 30 days were up and that is SO key to keeping on track. I also would like to be one of those people who slices everything and preps their veggies on one day of the week for the entire week. We'll see...I'm thinking maybe that day is Saturday??? For me? Not that you guys care which day, I just think it would make cooking that much easier at night ;)

I also hope to gain an even greater degree of self control from this w30. I feel like I definitely have more self control than I did before my first, but not as much as I'd like...(I.e. occasionally sneaking bits of "dark" chocolate that has milk in it causing leaky everything :| )

So I'm looking forward to logging my progress again to keep myself on track ;) (I log more how I'm feeling vs. what I'm eating, I find that more fascinating and I will always be honest with myself so as to not "cheat")

I look forward to reading all of your entries as well as we all continue to heal our bodies!!

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Wow, so it didn't take very long. Day 2: Tuesday - FAIL.

I guess I should've looked at my calendar for the week and seen that I had overbooked myself for work and that it was just a poor week to start a new whole30 challenge. One of the reasons I chose February for my first whole30 was that I barely worked 3 days/week so I had LOTS of time to prep and plan. This week has seen back-to-back 10-12 hr days of strenuous work that has ended up with a pinched nerve in my back. Awesome.

So Tuesday I failed because I had a Tom Collins after a LOOOONG 12 hrs of cleaning. (Incidentally slept terribly that night - NOT worth it!) Wednesday we had plans for weeks to take friends visiting from Panama for sushi. I couldn't help myself, I had rice. I did learn something about myself that night tho; Sashimi would've been satisfying enough and I would've been happy. So next time I go, I won't be getting my favorite Spicy Tuna Roll, or Salmon Sushi, I'll just get plain sashimi which makes me just as happy and I'll be able button my jacket at the end of the evening!

This weekend we're going to be at an all day assembly Sat/Sun, so I'm just going to hold off on my Whole30 aspirations for Monday. Granted its another busy busy week, but hopefully with the things I've learned from this week, I'll be able to keep it together.

I was being hard on myself before and saying I EPICALLY failed, but my friend who's also a w30'er said, "no you didn't, you still ate a million times better than you did 6 months ago!" And that's true, I never eat junk food anymore, or sugar, or wheat; just can't seem to kick the rice for some reason. That's my next feat.

Here's to picking myself up and movin' on!

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