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Clam/Seafood Chowder/Bisque


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I was really wanting some clam chowder so I modified a recipe that another member had posted and even the Midwest hubby loves it.

1 large sweet potato cooked and mashed

1 large sweet onion, chopped.

Olive oil to brown onions

2 small cans (6.5 oz) clams with juice

1/8 cup coconut milk, more or less to your liking

Water to make consistency to your liking

Salt to taste

Black pepper ground on top.

Cook sweet potatoes. Brown chopped onion in olive oil and add water to pull browning from saucepan. Blend in sweet potato, simmer approximately 15 minutes until onion is done to your liking, I like mine with a little snap. Make sure not to add too much water; next step when all is done to your liking, add clams and juice and a little bit of coconut milk, salt to taste. After serving, top with ground black pepper. If you cook clams for very long, they get tough :(

Planning on trying this with some shrimp and other seafood.

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