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I Did It!


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I was celebrating my birthday today at Summerfest, considered the largest outdoor party, and wondering how I was going to handle it. It has at least 50 food vendors that I swear were fanning out the great smells everywhere, and beer and wine and what seems the largest martini bar, etc.

I'm on day 27 and have really kept myself away from many temptations this month. It's been pretty boring, but I didn't want to fail. So, I'm not sure if that really taught me anything.

Back to today, I knew I couldn't bring in food and didn't see much on the menus that I could eat, so I ate lunch at home and pack my emergency Lara Bar.

I survived! Not one sip or bite, just water! I kept trying to tell myself that the best present I could give myself was to keep to the program.

I was fortunate that even though I spent the day with my "drinking buddy", I told him my plan ahead of time and not once did he suggest a beer or food.

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Thanks for all the good wishes. I ended up having a closer call for lunch today. Some friends took me to lunch today to a restaurant I've never been to. I checked out the menu online and was very concerned so I called ahead to get some insight. I didn't want to make a big deal at the table, so I thought I could get all my questions answered ahead of time.

I had salmon, grilled asparagus, and asked for a side of avocado. I said I couldn't have dairy or gluten, so was grilled with olive oil. I wasn't completely clear since my plate came with potatoes. I got a side plate to get them away from me, and a friend took them home. They looked really good!

I read someone's post about what they say when they go to a restaurant, which I forgot what it said....something about saying you have allergies to dairy, gluten, ?????.

What do you say?

It didn't go as smoothly as yesterday, since my one friend today really wanted me to "have a good time", buy ordering a drink and dessert. I kept trying to say I was OK, but I think it made her feel uncomfortable about herself.

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Depending on the circumstances, sometimes I will inform the waiter I have a gluten allergy... it just makes the whole conversation between customer and waiter a little smoother. I only do that if necessary (i.e. hard to navigate menu or waiter doesn't understand that there is wheat in wraps too, not just buns) because I don't like being an alarmist by throwing out allergies at every meal just b/c I don't want the side of toast.

For friends, in those situations happen I just explain that I'm on a whole30 and then I make plans with them to celebrate later or in a different way.

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