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Great unexpected benefit


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So, I'm not sure that I've mentioned before that I am doing the whole 30 for my skin. Until very recently I had terrible eczema. As in "strangers staring at you in the street" bad, or worse, strangers asking what is wrong with you and offering unsolicited advice.

Even though I have seen two of the top dermatologists, who told me that it wasn't diet related, I gave up wheat a long time ago anyway because I knew it didn't make me feel good. (However I wasn't very strict). After years of resisting, I gave up dairy 6 weeks before my whole 30. I had played with giving up dairy before but not completely (I still drank it in my many cups of tea a day). I was surprised when I lost a few pounds and noticed that my skin was getting better. At that point I decided to go the whole way and start a whole 30.

I'm on day 24 now of my whole 30. My skin is much, much better. From the neck down it is clear and smooth and mostly cream coloured with only a few little trouble spots. From the neck up it is much better. Still have a few issues on my face and neck itself but for the first time in a long time I am positive that I will get better.

Anyway, my unexpected bonus. I get my hair dyed at the hairdressers every 8 - 10 weeks. They use a gentle one, but normally when they put the dye on, it stings and tingles a lot but I just deal with it. Yesterday I had my hair dyed and not a single itch or tingle. Wow, what a treat!

It means my scalp has really healed which means I'm not imagining that I'm getting better! I am delighted.

I can't believe how doctors have scoffed at me for even daring to imagine my diet could me making me so ill. I was told it is 'genetic' and to just accept it. I'm a little bit angry that I suffered so long under their direction, and took medication that has created permanent damage to my body, when the power to heal was in my hands all along.

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