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Kier's Day 1 and a conversation with myself in the ice cream isle!

5 til 40

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Ok...Today is my new day 1 (I made it last week to Day 6 then all he** broke loose!) So here goes my day


black coffee x2

breakfast scramble -1 egg, 4 whites, handful kale, handful spinach, few grape tomatoes, 1 (whole 30 approved) chicken sausage cooked with 2 tsp coconut oil



Leftover salad (mostly romaine lettuce and a few cucumber pieces) with a little steak and grilled chicken. Dipped my fork in Basalmic dressing


apple and almond butter

iced black coffee


Salad with Romaine, 1 tomato, 4 oz grilled chicken. I got it from a greek restaurant and they put a little parmesean cheese on it. I managed to get most of it off. I must admit i did have some greek vinegrette (BAD) and tadziki (greek yogurt sauce).

After dinner

1/4 banana and PEANUT BUTTER (this is my weakness and I succumbed a little while making my kids sandwiches for camp.

So, overall I ate better than I have in the past. In fact I had a full on converstaion with myself in the ice cream section of the grocery store. I was trying to sabatoge myself and buy ice cream. telling myself that I would just have a bite then put it away. Ha! I know better. I would take it home, eat all the junk out of it unti it was a melty mess. Then guilt and shame would follow and I would vow to do better tomorrow. I am happy to say I walked away.

I did fall victim to the PB and I know dressing and greek yogurt sauce is a no no. Not really the point of Whole 30, is it? Lessons learned. Time to get more serious. Is is amazing how you can lose control so fast. It is alomost like you feel you have "been good" all day you deserve a little something. I can see what Dallas and Melissa mean by changing the way to view food.

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Agree 100%. Amazing how a little "slip up" sets you up for more cravings. I see that first hand tonight. I totally see why I must jump into this with both feet and commit 100%. Not going to be easy, but time to get back on the horse in the morning.


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