hope it is detox


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i am on day 27 and this week has been kinda rough....kinda dizzy (slightly) heavy headed .....headache off and on.......not a lot of energy ...just feel off and fuzzy headed...... i was off gluten but otherwise prior to my whole 30 i was a sugar addict

it just seems late to have these symptoms ....prior to this week only an occassional headache

i'm thinking i need to go awhile longer..........the only other thing i can think of is i do take Zoloft and maybe ineed to lower dosage.so i am gonna talk to my dr. and try doing that also

any thoughts or similar experiences

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This is precisely how I feel when everyone else around me is getting sick. If there's something going around where you are, there's a good chance you're fighting it off. I would also check in with your doc about your med levels. And, make sure you're staying well hydrated.

I don't know that cutting fruit out of your plan is going to help much - I'd check with your doc and give it time, first :)

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