Day 7, started 4/8...i got my exercise groove back :)

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Hello All,

my name is Colleen age 32, married two kids ages 5 1/2 and 2

im very active (vigorous exercise 6 days a week...running , spinning, stair master, the gym, etc etc..

the first few days i was exhausted...i kept working out but i could not do my 4-5 miles of was more like jogging a half mile to a mile, and walking and lazing it up on the stationary bike, walking...but i kept doing it...

Finally day 5 i had my first burst of energy so i went for it...i ran a fast as i could a mile and a half and kicking butt in my spinning class....yesterday i ran 2 miles with my dog, and did some slave labor (hard scaping with river rocks in my yard all day)

Exercise is a huge part of my life...i am a stay at home mom with active kids and it also is a huge Stress reliever for me

So happy I got my groove back! I am sore today and loving it!

i know their may be dips again in my energy levels but i feel amazing....i can see my body changing already...i am loving my meals that my husband and i are making....(thank god he is a great cook)

i dont miss my addictions of cheese and starches.....(im not a sweet eater so that doesnt bother me) only a couple times at night did i miss my cocktails, or wine with my husband) but thats ok...

Been finally getting great night sleep! havent woke up in the middle of the night the last three days (i have woke up at every night for years and years at around 2-3am to use the bathroom...its amazing


Thanks for Reading.!

I'd Love to hear your Story!!!

Colleen from South East Pennsylvania

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Hi Colleen- Day 8 for me today and still struggling to get the "groove" back. I do long distance triathlons and the 60 mile bike ride yesterday still has me worn out today. But I will try to get to the pool today and run a bit. I have been some serious cravings esp after training and that was when I ate whatever I wanted(within reason). So a boiled egg just was so disappointing! My question for anyone is.....I understand the philosophy regarding eating nutritious food and being satisfied with good real food. I don't dislike what I am eating as I know all is super healthy and for the most part I do feel better. I just am lacking that emotional connection-is that the whole point? To eat for nutrition and not for anything else?

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I think that everyone does this for various different reasons...Mine started as Losing weight just about 10 lbs..(i know that is not a good reason), i also wanted to cut back on my alcohol intake...i wanted to reintroduce myself to Eating to Live and not Living to Eat...i hate being consumed by a hard day equals me being exhausted and calling for a pizza....I also have been so sick of my sleeping habits....I have always slept 8ish hours but always broken sleep, waking up in the middle of the night and staying up an hour before going back to sleep...having to always take sleep aids....I also thru my life have naturally noticed the need to remove grain and dairy because of my stomach issues...doctors could never figure it out...ended up these foods triggered my endometriosis i never knew i had...they always wanted to call it IBS constipation and leave it at that....after laproscopic surgery, they found it...i started an antiinflamation diet and was pregnant in three months!

so although i started this Whole 30 for superficial reasons...i think if you stick with it, it becomes so much more! it will come to us sooner or later :)

I think you are doing amazing! i signed up on this page because i saw it said Athletes....i guess i am not as much as a trained athletes as other but i am very active and i could not find a page that others were vigorously active! they were more just on the food aspect! who knows, maybe i will start competing...i used to run long distance track in high school!

You are an amazing athlete ! thank you for sharing and your story!!

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