Suggestions for tomorrow? Help!!


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I have to fast until 1:30 tomorrow for my annual physical (it was the only appointment I could get and is required for my health insurance!).

I then have to go straight to work from 3-9 where I teach in a lab and can't eat much.

Anyone have advice to offer?

I am thinking about eating some protein/fat right before bed (maybe 10:30 pm?).

Suggestions to eat after? I am thinking about bringing some nuts and banana maybe in to eat right afer they draw the blood. Better suggestions???

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Unless you are hungry, eating right before bed probably won't help you on Monday, but it could interfere with your sleep.

Never plan on eating second rate foods like nuts and a banana. Take a cooler with boiled eggs, tuna salad, roast chicken, baked chicken, etc. to eat immediately after your blood draw.

I get my blood drawn at 1 or 1:30 pm every time because of my work schedule. It really is not bad, but I have been eating like this for a long time. You do need a substantial meal before going to work for 6 hours. That's why I say take a cooler with real food to eat after the blood draw.

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Thanks Tom for the advice. I'm making some real food right now.

I really have struggled with finally eating breakfast and getting my hormones adjusted and so not eating in the morning is tough for me and my work (teaching) doesn't give me much of a break so I was worried about crashing hard!

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