Finally saying hello ... 4 days in :)


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Hi everyone! I've been lurking on the forums for a few days now but decided it was time to 'delurk' and say Hello! So...hello!

I started my very first Whole30 challenge on Monday, after reading Melissa and Dallas' AMAZING BOOK. I've dabbled in paleo / primal eating in the past, and although I'd come across the Whole30 challenge before, I passed it off as 'ridiculous' and 'something I would never do'. Haha! After reading the book, I changed my tune. I think I owe it to myself to at least try it -- after all, as M & D say many times in the book ... it's only 30 days. If it doesn't make a difference, you haven't exactly sacrificed a lot.

A bit about me -- 31 years old female, live in Toronto, have struggled with weight my whole life. I lost almost 100lbs on Weight Watchers a few years ago, but have since gained about half of it back. I've realized in my journey that sugar is truly like a drug for me. I think my previous RESISTANCE to Whole30/Paleo eating was exactly the sign that it was something I NEEDED to do. I just wasn't there yet.

Anyway, I'll be blogging my Whole30 challenge on my blog (link in the signature) and plan to pop in around the forums as well. I think it's great that this resource is here and that there are so many people so passionately dedicated to this way of life. THANK YOU Melissa and Dallas, and all the moderators and contributors who make it easier for 'noobs' like me. :)

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Thanks so much for the kind words ladies!!

Derval, I know what you mean -- although I'm still resisting the urge to track what I'm eating on the Whole30! Part of me keeps thinking I should log into MyFitnessPal or something to make sure I'm not going 'over my calories' too much. Bah! I'm really trying to treat these 30 days as a way to heal my mind as much as my body, so I won't be tracking ... but man, those instincts are so ingrained now! Lol

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