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Day 30!


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Today is day 30 of my first Whole30. It feels like forever, and it feels like it just started, if that makes any sense. I can't believe how much I've learned.

1) Cooking is not nearly as difficult or time-consuming when you stick to veggies and meats.

2) I don't care nearly as much about what the staff at restaurants think when I order my food.

3) I can turn anything into comfort food after a bad day at work (on day 8, the dry roasted salted cashews and raisins were put in a plastic bag and hidden out of sight...in the back of a coat closet...not sure if they'll ever be allowed back in the pantry).

4) Nothing will make other grocery store customers give side-eye faster than your husband wailing "why do pickles NEED to have high fructose corn syrup added?!?!?" .

5) I can perform much better at Crossfit when I'm not full of gas (TMI, but true!!).

6) Sadly, I am allergic to undercooked/overripe broccoli and will never be able to risk eating it (why couldn't it be french fries??).

This has been an extremely enlightening experience for my husband and myself. I realized just how little I was actually enjoying food that I was eating in excess, and that pasta/bread really *is* just a delivery method for sauce and other stuff. I'm starting to learn what sort of items are "worth it" as an off-road indulgence (a kid-size scoop of full-fat homemade ice cream from the local ice cream parlor = yes, a two-servings bowl of low-fat ice cream from the grocery store tub in the freezer = not so much). I've signed up for a paleo challenge at the gym to help keep me from going totally off the rails in the next two months, and we're really looking forward to keeping up with this investment in our well-being.

I've learned so much from ISWF and the forums here, too. Knowing that other people had gone first and experienced the same things I did before I even had to ask the question was so reassuring...so thanks everyone!

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