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The meal planning template on this site states to eat immediately following a work-out. However, in the book Practical Paleo she explains why eating immediately after a work-out is not good because your body is not yet in its 'rest and digest' state and eating prior to this state can pose digestive problems.

So, my question - eat immediately as suggested here, or wait at least 30 minutes before consuming food following a workout as I've read other "Paleo" places?


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rcavitt -

Well, you're on the Whole30 Forum, so our advice is going to follow Whole9 guidelines. If you'd prefer to wait, that's absolutely your choice - the pre and post workout meals aren't the key to Whole30 success :) I've personally not noticed much difference in my digestion or recovery with a 5 minute or 45 minute wait for post workout food.

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