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Do I start over?


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Hi everyone,

I am so annoyed/ frustrated/ upset right now. Ugh... I went to Jaspers for lunch. Called before to ask if they had a salad dressing sans sugar. After a long hold, the hostess said she confirmed that the vinegarette does not have added sugar. So I order the salmon salad, no marinade on the fish, no blue cheese, no bacon, dressing on the side. Since I had already confirmed, I didn't feel the need to rehash with the waiter about the dressing. After I am mid-way through the salad that is covered with about 3 tablespoons of dressing, the waiter interrupts to ask if I had a food allergy (bc of the way I ordered the salmon.) I said I was on a restrictive diet (blah blah...) and he tells me that the dressing DOES in fact have sugar in it. So I technically cheated-- on day 8 of 30-- without even knowing. I even called before to check. I really want to cry.

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