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Coconut Cream?

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In my local supermarket I found (alongside the coconut milk tins) a tin of 'coconut cream'. It is the supermarket's own brand and it is delicious. It is solid even when at room temperature. It seems to good to be true. The ingredients are listed as

Coconut extract




Bleaching agent

Could someone shed some light on these ingredients for me, please - I am very new to Whole30.



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Hi Lauren -

The fact that they don't list the actual ingredients makes me really nervous. Especially during a Whole30 since the rules for added ingredients are fairly strict. There are several emulsifiers and stabilizers that they could be using that are not Whole30 okay. My advice would be to chuck it and go with something that only lists coconut, water and maaaaybe guar gum.

PS: I'm not sure what labeling requirements are like where you are (I'm guessing you aren't in the US because a) you said tin, not can 2) you spelled stabilisers with an "s" and 3) American companies would never get away with something that vague), but you may want to look for your coconut milk in a local Asian or Indian food market. They often have "purer" products at good prices.

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Thank you for the feedback Robin. Yes, I am in South Africa.

In my ignorance I never assumed stabili's'ers and emulsifiers could be that serious and unacceptable.

I will get rid of the 'tin' asap. Funny how those little spelling issues and words are so different to what you would use in the US.

Thanks for the reply.

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Derval and Lauren -

We do have names for everything! And dumb ways of spelling things. My mother lived in England for several years before I was born, so I grew up with a lot of fabulous artifacts of her time there (like a great appreciation for Fawlty Towers and my forbidden love for Bird's Custard Powder). I still prefer to spell gray with an "e".

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