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It's day 1 of Whole 30 number two! I started one (or a few) post holiday, but my Crohns Disease and life sort of got in my way. So I'm back at it, and so beyond ready for it.

My goals: to get back to feeling as spectacular as I did all last fall when I wasn't eating any dairy or grains post-Whole 30.

Dairy makes my skin unpleasant. I get more hormone-driven breakouts (that time of the month) and little breakouts in general. I also get really obvious under-eye circles and a perpetually stuffy nose from dairy. Which means I spent most of my life with both of these. I was totally off dairy for 8 years due to my Crohns disease, but it wasn't until my Whole30 that I so clearly saw the effects of dairy. Which is sad, because real cheese is amazing. Going forward post-Whole30: goal is to have dairy very occasionally, for birthdays or what not.

Grains: I'm pretty sure they just don't like me or my immune system. It's less specific with grains, just that I start feeling more and more "bleh" as I eat them. Then suddenly I'm eating and craving them and feeling generally "bleh" all the time. I don't want "bleh" to be my normal, so out with the grains.

No specific issues last time with legumes. I don't miss them. I eat occasionally with Mexican foods, but otherwise, not a big loss to go without to be on the safe side.

Sugar is...well, I have an at times, unhealthy relationship. It's like crack. So, out the door with it.

I'll miss alcohol. I generally drink at most 1-2 drinks per week, may be wine or a martini. I enjoy it and miss it during Whole30s. But it's just 30 days and my ladies all know what I'm about:)

Today has been a little underfed, but looking forward to making a tasty dinner and hitting the gym as I'm doing a couch to 5k program for fun. I've been off the exercise boat for about the last 6-9 months and I'm missing it.

Note: my pork products are compliant. I love bacon and sausage so I found "happy" pig suppliers where I can get sugar free options. I learned last time that I love black coffee. My sister makes awesome home-made mayo and shares with me.

Breakfast at my desk: 2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices bacon, black coffee

Lunch (also at my desk): 3 deviled eggs and a large apple, sparkling water

Heading home in 1 minute to make jambalaya with collard greens.

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Day 1 was a success. My jambalaya turned out more like a soup but it was tasty. Sadly my collard greens had turned, so I used some frozen spinach instead. Pretty tasty. I hit the gym last night for the first time in a very long time and completed Day 1 of my 5k program on the treadmill. That felt great. And returned home to the soup simmering on the stove and ready to eat, enjoyed 2 bowls. Stayed up a bit too late because it was Tax Day and I had to finish my sister's taxes for her. All in all a nice night.

Woke up today with a smidge of a headache that's hanging on. Feels like a sinus problem, which I'm hoping will clear up with a few days of no dairy.

Breakfast: 4 eggs and bacon. Started to put ketchup on and had to scrape it off, forgot about those pesky condiments! Need to bring a bottle of hot sauce to work for eggs. Black coffee.

Lunch will be leftover jambalaya soup at home. I need to drink more water the next few days.

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Lunch was indeed leftover jambalaya. And a big cuppa tea, with tasty Miralax mixed in :huh:

Update to Day 2: warning

If you read this for the next few days, it will look a little light on, well everything. I'm getting a colonoscopy on Thursday, for my Crohn's Disease. I'd like to get off my immune suppressors, so it's time to look inside. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on clear liquids and be doing a bowel prep. Then Thursday, won't be taking in anything after 11 until that evening.

Clear liquids are generally juices, sodas, coffee, tea, jello stuff. No broth for me as instructed by my MD. So, to keep it Whole30, I'll be doing coconut water, tea, coffee after 12 tomorrow. With of course the fun colon clean out prep, yippee:)

Tonight for dinner and tomorrow for breakfast: soft foods without any fiber (so no veg) and no meat to get a good prep. Scrambled eggs, good thing I like eggs.

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Day 7 of 33

I decided to add 3 days as I had to take in some Gatorade with my colonoscopy prep, and to recover from the colonosocopy and prep. Kept on soft foods like bananas and sweet potatoes and broth over the weekend, feeling better now.

Breakfast: pork breakfast sausage (from a happy pig:) small sweet potato and some frozen raspberries, black coffee

Lunch: mixed spring greens, a chicken breast plain, homemade beet chips, 1 roma tomato, vinegar/oil dressing; La Croix soda water

Those beet chips my sister made were a great addition to my salad

Brought an apple for the afternoon if needed but I'm pretty full after that salad

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