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Here I am. And it is day 30. Wow. It feels good to know that I did it and I feel good. Like really, really good.

I have learned a lot about myself and about my issues with food and I have learned that I am an amazing cook (I had my suspicions ;) ).

I have learned that I can have a social life without alcohol. WHO KNEW?????

Last night I made salmon and broccoli for dinner and it was incredibly boring and the salmon was a bit over-cooked (I blame the hubby, seriously I'm and AMAZING cook!). Before W30 I would have thought this meant that I would need to eat everything else in the house to make up for a meal that was not as satisfying as I wanted it to be. Last night some little voice that I didn't quite recognize came out from the back part of my brain and said "this is the fuel that your body need." :o WHAT!?!?!? Food is used for fuel? Not to comfort me, distract me, keep me company, make me feel numb, reward me, or a whole number of other uses? Again: WHO KNEW?????

It has been a great journey and one heck of a learning experience. I have some really great tools under my belt now and I know that I love feeling this way!!! BUT I think I need more time to really train my brain that this is a permanent change. I have spent the past couple of days trying to decide where I go from here and I think I have made some decisions.

1) A glass of wine. I started this journey with a good friend (who happens to be my boss) and we have gotten a really good bottle of wine that we shall celebrate with later this week when we have the opportunity.

2) I will take the hubby out for dinner this weekend and stick mostly to the plan without worrying about hidden nasties. (It would just be nice to have someone else grill me a steak!)

3) I will start my second Whole30 starting next week. Other than the wine and the meal out I don't plan to go off roading but an official starting date on Monday seems appropriate.

So I'll be sticking around. I still have lots to learn from you folks. :D Thanks for all of your support and wisdom. This forum is an amazing tool for success!!!

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