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Eat pre and post workout and then 3 meals?


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Hey All,

I am on day 22 and I recently read on a forum that if you work out you should be eating a pre-workout and post-work out meal that is not counted in your 3 meals per day. Is this true???

I am not a hardcore athlete by any means, I run 12-18 miles/week and do body-weight training exercises at home on off days for approx 30-40 min. I run a few races each year, but not to win, just as motivation to keep up with running. I am currently training for a 10 mile race in 3 weeks and my goal is to just decrease my time from last year....

I run first thing in the morning because that is the only time it fits into my schedule. Before each run I usually eat a banana or some hard boiled eggs or some nuts. Afterwards I eat a larger than normal breakfast usually eggs or homemade sausage, spinach, sweet potatoes and either berries or grapefruit and then another 2 meals. On running days if I need to, I allow myself a snack between meals. Should I be eating more meals?

And what about the days where I just do an at home workout, does that really count as a workout?

Here are my day last few days:

M1: eggs, raw cashews, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

M2: Spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumber, kalmata olives, homemade greek dressing, tuna

40 minute workout using just body weight, no weights or equipment, interval style

post-workout banana

M3: hamburger with spicy guacamole, grilled pineapple, onions and baked sweet potato "chips"

("sampled" some sweet potato chips while getting dinner ready)


4 mile run at 10 min/mile

M1: 3 eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes

M2: Same salad as previous day

M3: grilled rosemary lemon chicken and roasted vegetables with olive oil

Had a handful of nuts midday

M1: 2 eggs, spinach, sweet potato hashbrowns

pre-workout 1 egg, banana

40 min home workout

M2: Hamburger with spicy guacamole, onions and grilled pineapple with roasted zucchini and carrots

3 mile walk pushing 2 kids in a jogging stroller (with a playground break)

M3: Chocolate chili and avocado


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