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How to Maintain Weight?


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Hi Everyone,

I am starting over after a setback yesterday....I had a lot of sugar (my go to comfort food when I'm having a crappy day)

Anyhoo, I'm a slim girl and I lose weight easily. My appetite has not been that big lately I guess just the stress of starting the Whole30 and figuring out what exactly I can eat and the idea of giving up foods that I love for 30 days maybe longer. I have not been eating a lot, less now than before I started Whole30.

My question is how do I maintain my weight while eating healthy? What things can I add to my food to increase the calories minus nuts and coconut products (I'm mainly doing Whole30 to find out what's causing breakouts).

I just bought some avocado oil I was thinking of adding a tablespoon of that on everything I eat.

Normally I have a green smoothie for breakfast, then I will eat a salad for lunch, maybe a green apple between breakfast and lunch, and then dinner.

I'm 5'4 115-120lbs the last time I checked and I don't work out, I sit in front of an computer for 8hrs a day at my job, but I walk alot well, to and from the train station about 30min total in a day if I don't run errands after work.

I need about 1600 calories daily if I don't plan to work out but I may start doing my at home walking program for about 2 hours per week.

Thanks in advance!


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Normally I have a green smoothie for breakfast, then I will eat a salad for lunch, maybe a green apple between breakfast and lunch, and then dinner.

The first step for you will be really studying and following the food template. You want to eat a piece of protein the size of your palm + a "thumb-size" portion of fat + the rest of your plate filled with vegetables AT EVERY MEAL. If you lose weight easily, you may need to double the protein and fat components. Right now, your breakfast and lunch aren't sufficient. please eat more.
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While I am not in "maintenance" at this point, I have spent most of my adult life either trying to lose weight or trying to sabotage myself to keep my "security weight". Funny thing is that I am very confident in every other aspect of my life.

I finally feel that with my paleo lifestyle that I can change this yoyo pattern. I am happily married and have a wonderful supportive family and extended family. This is only my issue, they all love me no matter what.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child and have always felt that since highschool I packed the weight on to protect myself. I have moved beyond the abuse issues through much therapy and finding a man who loves and supports me no matter what.

I really like the idea of starting to visualize myself how I would like to be now in hopes that I will be able to better adapt to my new body. I believe that with my slow and steady weight loss that will also help me adjust more easily.

I honesly believe that if you do not deal with the issues that caused the weight to come on then it will not stay off, this is why I delt with those issue and learned to love and respect myself beyond the physical.

Good luck to all!

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I agree with MM. I would add that any time I see someone posting about the amount of calories they need per day I get concerned. there is no reason to worry about calories. 1600 calories is low, especially if you are eating this way.

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Exactly as MM and Jess said. First, eat more food. Follow the templates. Eat fat. As Tom always says, your body will lose or gain depending on what it needs. Follow the template and, eventually, your hunger cues will tell you if you need to be eating more.

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