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Don't break the chain!

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I'm "off-roading" right now until July 18 when I'll start another Whole30. Or maybe I'll make it a Whole60. I have been using the "don't break the chain" system to track what I do each day and try to form habits. I use a web app called chains.cc to track:


Here you can see me doing a pretty good job of getting my walk in every day, completing my Whole30, doing kind of a crappy job of not shopping as a hobby, and getting my writing action on a book project I'm working on at work.

I just thought I'd share for anyone else who wants to track how well they're staying on (or mostly on) track, because I know that knowing I've only had two days (today and the first off day) where I ate something non-Whole30 is kind of helpful to me for some reason, and I can pick that chain right back up tomorrow.

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