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How much fat per meal

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On the meal planning template fat is listed in 7 categories. Should each meal include All oils, All butters, coconut, olives, nuts, avocado and coconut milk? Should I have coconut milk with each meal? I sometimes eat it with a small fruit serving with a meal.

I generally have 2-3 eggs with greans cooked with a tbls. coconut oil or ghee. Lunch is chicken with more greens, carrots and onions or a large salad. Dinner is some meat with veggies cooked in 1-2 tbls oil. I usually have one avacado each day, half with breakfast and half with lunch.

I am on day 14 and am not feeling weight loss yet but only need to lose 15 lbs. At first I was over eating and felt like I was gaining or just bloated. Staying away from the scale. It feels great to not be hungry all the time. Now I weigh the meat and try to have close to 4 ozs, with lots of veggies, at a meal.

I still do not sleep soundly all night but stay in bed 8 hours or so. Jiont aches wake me. Hoping that inflamation will start to go away.

Intestines are happy and regular although sometimes noisy.

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One serving of any of the 7 categories of fat meets the minimum requirements of fat per meal, but you can eat more. Some meats and whole eggs include a good dose of fat, so you might not add much when you are eating them. Ground turkey or chicken breasts, on the other hand, are very lean and you might need to add several servings of fat to achieve a good overall meal.

The amount of fat you report eating sounds fine.

The meal template asks you to choose a portion of meat at least as big as the palm of your hand and allows for eating twice that much. The palm of your hand is different than the size of my hand, so you and I will naturally choose different portion sizes. The palm-sizing approach is an important part of the plan. We don't want you measuring your food. You need to stop using a scale to weigh 4 ounce portions. That is like counting calories and stepping on a scale to weigh yourself - not even close to being okay during a Whole30 and not good for your mental health at any time.

For me, sleep improved after about 2 weeks. The timing of sleep improvements seems to vary from person to person.

I'm glad your intestines are happy. :)

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