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Post workout Greens drink


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I was wondering if this still fits in the 30 days.

-1 cup Raw Almond Milk

-HUGE handful of baby spinach

-HUGE handful of baby kale

-1 tbsp of a greens drink(Green+, Prograde's Genesis, Athletic Greens etc)

-2 tbsp of ground chai seeds

-a tiny spill of organic lemon juice

-1 tbsp of organic coconut oil

Also what about sunwarriors classic protein. It has no Soy or Whey? This isn't as a big of a deal but I'm hoping that the Post workout drink is OK, It fits the into the four rules, its just liquified

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OK nevermind about the sunwarrior drink. I don't want to get Tom to rant on it. I did read the protein part in the supplementation. Sorry i should've gone there first.

Lol...I was getting ready to answer you. Glad you found the answer. :)

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