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Below the Waist


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I am on day 19 and with the exception of being CONSTIPATED pretty much all the time, I feel good. I am not as regular as I was before I started the Whole30. Granted, what I was eating was pretty toxic and I'm sure my body wanted to get rid of it!

A non Whole30 friend suggested eating more plums as they are compliant but I don't want to over do it on the fruit either.

Any suggestions on how I can remedy this 'situation'? Thank you forum peeps!

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I had the same issue most likely due to going from almost no meat to lots of meat. I'm now taking magnesium supplements, digestive enzymes and drinking a small cup of coffee with coconut milk in the morning. This seems to be helping. Good luck!

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My first 5 days were particularly bad because of this exact problem.  It felt very similar to how I get when I'm on my cycle.  No matter what I ate, nothing would come out.  Today seemingly randomly, everything changed.  I'm postulating this was because my body getting all confused by the good stuff going in rather than cheez-its and diet coke (yum!).

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