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Chiaand biotin ... Good or bad?

Mary Elizabeth

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You can refer to this:


And this:


For what the Hartwigs think about supplementing while on the Whole30. All supplements have to be checked carefully...many contain fillers like soy and are automatically out.

Breakfast smoothie? I'm sorry, that's going to be out. Your body doesn't recognize food in liquid form like it does in solid form, and since most smoothies are largely fruit-based, they also give you a pretty big hit of sugar first thing in the a.m. There are a LOT of good, easy, quick breakfast ideas on the forum that taste better, are more filling, and healthier than a smoothie, and take less time than whirling a bunch of stuff in a blender and having to wash the darn thing.

Personally, I'd forego the chia, too, but I try to keep away from nuts and seeds as much as possible, except as a garnish. Best of luck to you!

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