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chrisavgi_day 2


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Day two was a good day in general. I walked for about 1.5 hour with the baby and I had no cravings at all, although PMS is about to come.

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast: black coffee, 2 apple-chicken burgers (it's baby food actually, but I like it :rolleyes: . I make it with ground chicken breast, 1 shredded apple and parsley. I also added salt, pepper and onion to make it a little more spicy, since I am not a baby!), 5 cherry tomatoes.

Lunch: 6oz organic pork steak, 1 huge bowl of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce) with extra virgin olive oil and a few olives.

Dinner: 1 big ocean perch, 2 cups boiled spinach seasoned with lemon and olive oil. 2 cups green tea.

That was quite a lot, but I was really hungry...

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That was not a lot of food for someone walking 1.5 hours with a baby! Only the pork steak had much fat to keep you satisfied for very long. Most of what you ate is calorie-light. Remember that cutting out grains and processed foods cuts a lot of calories from your diet.

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