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delayed ovulation

Kara Anne

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I have read previous posts about cycles being irregular during a Whole 30. Why is that?

I am not officially doing a Whole 30. However, I read ISWF and have moved towards most of the principals. I have always eaten whole foods, so that wasn't a change. The biggest change for me was switching to 3 meals per day vs. several mini meals, reducing dairy (I realized I was eating 2-3 servings per day), and eliminating beans from my diet. I was referred to the book because I was having bloating that would not go away and was so painful that by nighttime I looked pregnant. I am a pretty lean/ athletic individual, so it was very obvious. Since making these changes, the bloating has gone away.

I am now on day 60 of my cycle and have not ovulated. I should say that my cycles are always a bit longer: about 45 days. But I am wondering what it is that is lengthening my cycle and those of many others who eat like this. Is it the length of time between meals? I eat a lot of food. I am not in a deficit. Plus, since switching to 3 meals, I eat way more fat than I ever have. However, I have been reading a lot of articles about women, menstruation, meal frequency, carbs, etc. and it seems that the cycle is greatly effected by a diet of reduced carbs and fasting (which for a woman was defined by 5 or more hours. If you are eating 3 meals per day, then it would be about that.) I don't eat low carb per se. But my carbs are limited to winter squashes, sweet potatoes, fruits, and veggies.


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Happens to me, too. Carbs can likely play into it. For me, starchy veggies aren't enough - I need more carbs per day to keep my cycles regular. I'm still trying to correct my cycles from a Whole 50 in January & February. Very frustrating as I just started ovulating again and having regular cycles after years of irregular cycles as a result of some endocrine issues. The ladies over at Paleo for Women have some info on that.

Another thing to consider is stress. Any time the body perceives it's under stress, it delays ovulation. From an evolutionary standpoint, it doesn't want to get pregnant under those circumstances, so it prevents ovulation from occurring until it feels it is no longer stressed. Some women's bodies perceive a change in diet as stress, and delay ovulation as a result.

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Thank you for the replies.

I have read a bit on the Paleo for Women website and saw a reference to needing more carbs. However, I couldn't find any articles with detail. Are there any you can refer me to?

I eat a moderate amount of fruit, so I know I am getting a fair share of them.

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