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What am I doing wrong - still exhausted

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I am on day 21 of my whole30. I feel better than I did the first week mostly because my headaches have stopped. That being said - my energy levels are horrible and I could nap (and sometimes even fall asleep) around 4 each afternoon. I have scaled back working out to 2 nights of crossfit and one day of training for a GORUCK Light (walking/hiking with a weighted backpack). I need to find it in me to run as I am doing a warrior dash next month.

As for food here is a sample day -

Breakfast - 3 eggs over a little chili & 1/2 cup canteloupe

Snack -apple

Lunch - 2 small cans of tuna with homemade mayo and tomatoes, canteloupe and 10 macadamia nuts

Dinner - lettuce wrapped bacon/mushroom burger (4oz beef), asparagus (10 spears) and oven roasted tomatoes (3/4 roma halves)


Breakfast - 3 eggs and some taco meat w/ about 1/4 avocado

lunch - pulled pork, sauteed brussels sprouts & cabbage

Pre workout - 1/2 chicken breast & half cup of cucumber/tomato salad

Dinner - chicken salad w/ slivered almonds and cucumber/tomato salad and canteloupe

I think I am eating too much - but my energy would say differently. Perhaps I am not eating the right amounts of food. I read about eating sweet potatoes but I hate sweet potatoes so I was going to try out plantains and yucca this week.

I switched up breakfast this morning because I realize I am not usually eating any significant veggies at breakfast so I had 2 eggs, a slice of deli turkey meat, 1 oven roasted tomato, 3 large asparagus stalk, 6 strawberries and 1/2 cup cantaloupe.

My main concerns -

I am so tired and don't have enough energy to perform well in my workouts

I don't feel like I am losing weight though I do feel less bloated. My clothes are more comfortable but certainly not loose.

My pros -

headaches are gone

Though I had a snack yesterday - I have not needed snacks throughout the whole30 except 3 days

Super proud of myself

I fall asleep quickly - I get more than 8 hours 4 nights a week, but closer to 7 the other 3.

I should add, my husband is eating exactly what I eat but in bigger amounts - he also adds one sweet potato, some nuts and an entire avocado each day. He is trying to lose no weight though.

I am still really excited about the program - I just need to get my energy back...

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It doesn't look like you are eating enough to me (1/2 of a chicken breast? 1/2 cup of cucumber/tomato salad?). Are you hungry? If so, eat more food. Actually, even if you aren't hungry, I might try eating a bit more. The template includes at least a palm-size of protein, a thumb of fat and the rest of your plate filled with veggies (for me that means about 2 cups of vegetables at each meal).

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Your protein to veggie ratio looks way off to me, too. Fruits don't count as a veggie, and if you take those out, you don't have much left at all. Load up on squashes and leafy greens (kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, spinach) and I think you'll notice a difference in how you feel.

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I agree with everyone else-you need way more veggies! If you don't like sweet potatoes, try squash or zucchini? I absolutely adore sweet potatoes and eat them almost every day, especially if I am going to CrossFit or running! I find my energy really suffers if I don't. And a half an avocado a day helps with energy too!

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Thanks everyone! I am not hungry in between meals at all so I assumed that I was eating enough. Last night I managed to eat some sweet potatoes. I bought some yucca, plantains, swiss chard, leeks, kale and various cabbages at the grocery store yesterday so maybe this week will be my week!

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