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Second w100 starting 22/4/13


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Kicking off my second w100 today, 12 days since finishing my first one.

I realised, particularly toward the end of my last w100 that I was being lazy and not getting the full benefits of the program so I'm starting with renewed focus and goals. As I wrote on my final post for my last stint, there are some larger issues at play here, but IT STARTS WITH FOOD, so I need to be more particular in using food to treat them.

I just listened to another great podcast about sugar and I'm still realising just how heavily sugar addiction is at play for me so that will be a big focus this time around.

Some goal setting.

  • Nutrition: Wean myself of sugar (and this means being mindful of starchy carbs including sweet potato, root vegies and also fruit intake). Really focusing on variety and getting lots of fibrous vegies and good quality protein. Keeping an eye on fat intake (don't need the extra calories) particularly oils and coconut milk which I definitely had too much of first time around.
  • Sleep: I'm establishing a new sleep routine. Go to bed at 9 every night and up by 5.30 for some exercise - bikram, walk/run or kettle bells. Turn off all electronic devices.
  • Stress Management: This is a big one for me as I tackle my adrenal fatigue. I'm putting some big things in place, but also some smaller things like reading before bed, spending some time each week with my camera and trying to make kinesiology, acupuncture and massage part of my routine. I'm going to try and fit in a 10 day vipassana retreat in July to finally learn how to meditate.
  • Exercise: I'd like to include 6 morning sessions a week - walk/run, bikram, kettlebells - plus my daily bike commute. PLUS 15 minutes of dedicated recovery to every work out.
  • Personal Growth: Read each night before bed, get in a stint of writing each day. Spend more time learning and less time on social media.

My biggest concerns at the moment are:

> staying away from sugar and dealing with the withdrawals (again)

> tackling the extra challenges that come with my adrenal fatigue

> judging from last time, the hormonal ups and downs will need to be attended to pretty closely.

I'll try and do a better job of tracking how I'm feeling here if it is helpful, although hopefully I'll be doing more blogging over at my website - laramcpherson.com.

Here we go!

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