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Moving it over here from the Whole30 Log forum (Dukunbayi's Log). I finished my second W30 recently (my 1st started 1/1/13). This time I went through the reintroduction phase, albeit not as formally as I had intended. And from my not so formal reintro, I have determined the following:

Dairy - OK (though I don't really miss it or crave it)

Gluten - not OK (insane headaches). Not sure about gluten-free grains.

Legumes - not OK (weird skin sensations)

Sugar - so totally freaking not OK (I knew that already)

I also know that:

1. nuts are a food without breaks for me

2. if I stick essentially to the meal template the rest falls more easily into place

So I have given my stash of chocolate (even the 100% cacao), nuts and dried fruit to my guy to hide, and to bring out only upon approved use as flavoring and spices in specified recipes.

Logging here for accountability, and to get out of the "I'm done with the Whole30" mindset, which quickly, for me, becomes a license to free-for-all it.

Here's to the never-ending quest for balance. :blink:

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We're here for ya, and look forward to cheering you on--on good and bad days :)

Thanks, Melliebu!

Okie dokie. Food today.

Meal 1: mash of sardines, an egg and coconut flour, with kale and a small beet, small apple. Bulletproof coffee, which I tried for the first time today and, oh yea baby, I'm hooked.

I may have had another small apple, I can't remember.

Meal 2: leftovers from breakfast with a small sweet potato.

Meal 3: browned bison with onions, sauteed rainbow chard, sweet potato, mashed cauliflower.

I finished my big project I've been bitchin' about :). Part two of the bigger project starts this weekend.

And tomorrow I am gonna test drive a possible new job. Things just. could. be. falling into place.

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One of the benefits of not keeping nuts and dark chocolate and dried fruit in the cupboard is that, instead of just shoveling that in my mouth when I come home for lunch (because it's easy and fast and not totally un-paleo), I whip this up instead:


Lettuce wraps with smoked salmon, avocado, tomatoes and homemade mayo. Tasted like a BLT. A side of ghee-sauteed mushrooms. Oh, and a bowl of frozen berries. So good! ...and easy and fast and totally compliant. Getting the nuts and all out of sight is proving to be good thing, a good thing indeed.

So that was Meal 2.

Meal 1: leftovers from last night's dinner with scrambled eggs. Bulletproof coffee, henceforth referred to as "BC."

Meal 3: Sauteed bison, broccoli, olives, a little bit of sweet potato and kale over a bed of mixed greens, with a blob of apple sauce, and topped with avocado.

I get these weird pains in my legs and hips sometimes. When I eat crap I get them all the time, requiring multiple doses of ibuprofen throughout the day. When I started my 1st W30 in January, one of the first things I noticed was a vast improvement with this pain. It didn't completely disappear, but I hardly ever needed ibuprofen (Tylenol never worked for this).

I haven't had these sensations in a while. I'm not completely avoiding nightshades these days, but I have considered AIP for Hashimoto's. I hadn't had nightshades in several days. After lunch, within an hour, I noticed these pains. Mild, but there. I had 4 grape tomatoes with lunch. Could this be the culprit? Hmmmm, must experiment.

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Okay, I have to ask. What is Bulletproof coffee?


Yes, I too was slow on the uptake with this. Probably a good thing.

Now I'm seeing it all over the forums.

Make with ghee and coconut oil. I like ghee>CO; you can experiment with the ratios.

Sigh. I have insomnia. It's 4am and I've been tossing and turning for hours. Finally got up to read Gulp


I love her. Like everything she writes, it's superb. Great adjunct to all this food stuff.

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I may try it but I have almost gone to drinking coffee black.

Funny because I am avoiding grading a zillion papers (seriously a zillion) so got the 'notification' email and was like isn't it like 4 am on the west coast?

Insomnia is the devil.

I saw you post about Mary Roach and then I just read a review of her book in The Week's book review section. I need to read the new book this summer. It sounds like it will really give me a lot of nuggets to tell my students.

My problem is that I am really having an aversion to meat lately. I don't know what this means but hopefully it is just hormonal and will change in a few days. I think I'll make fish for dinner. Two more weeks and I don't work again until August so I'm just going to hang in the best I can. I was having some craving last night so I drove to buy a Kombucha (like 8-10 miles away). I am giving myself this crutch for the next two weeks. I am annoyed because I left the two extras I bought out and they exploded. $7 down the drain. My last batch I homebrewed turned to vinegar. Sigh.

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After my insomnia last night, I went back to sleep from about 4:30-10.

M1: Leftover kale and bison, egg mash with sweet potato and mushrooms, cm coffee (didn't pull out the blender this morning for BC)

M2: Big salad with all sorts of stuff (cleaned out the fridge), smoked salmon, avo and olives, drizzled with avo oil and aged bv.

S: The rest of the salad (just veggies), on the way out the door.

M3: Greens, beets, tuna, avo oil and bv.

At dusk went to a friends house to rescue what we thought was a swarm out of her compost bin, but it turned out to be an established hive with lots of cone. Big to-do collecting it all (Not for me, for BF, who suited up and did all the work. I sat on my ass in the house and drank tea with my friend). We got home waaaaaay later then planned, and I just had a real meal (at 9:30pm!) while BF is fitting comb into frames and hoping the queen didn't get crushed with the chaotic transfer.

Plan was to hit the sack "at a reasonable hour" so we can do some chicken recon tomorrow and find out where they're hiding their eggs these days! Maybe the chickens plotting AIP for me. The world does work in mysterious ways.

Stay-cations are lovely. Getting lots done, and quieting my mind.

Tea had soy in it. We'll see if I get a headache.

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Two more weeks and I don't work again until August so I'm just going to hang in the best I can. I was having some craving last night so I drove to buy a Kombucha (like 8-10 miles away). I am giving myself this crutch for the next two weeks. I am annoyed because I left the two extras I bought out and they exploded. $7 down the drain. My last batch I homebrewed turned to vinegar. Sigh.

Sorry about your kombucha woes :(.

It's on my list of things to learn. That and fermented veggies.

I finally made ghee. Super easy!

Hang in there and good luck with the next couple of weeks! The end is in sight!

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Egg and bee update:

No luck finding eggs this morning. More recon tomorrow. They're out there somewhere, and I'll find them, dagnabit.

We now have 7 functioning hives in out backyard, with another on it's way as I type. Ironically, I used to be a bee phobe when I was a kid. Funny how things turn out.

M1: smoked salmon and avocado with bals vin. CM coffee. Packet of coconut butter.

M2: at Tender Greens: bowl of slow cooked beef stew and a spinach salad (goat cheese, hazelnuts and a vinaigrette).

M3: Spicy cilantro sausage, green peppers stir-fried in CO, mixed greens salad with carrot, olives and cuke drizzled with avo oil and bals vin.

85% chocolate (brought out of hiding for the purpose, and promptly returned)

Felt like I was cheating at lunch. White potatoes in the stew?! omg! Goat cheese? Gasp!

I bought a lamb roast on a whim at Whole Paycheck for tomorrow. I really need to get a deep freezer and a local source of meat with which to fill it.

Oh! and I got Sunny Paris at Penzey's :).

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Last weekday of my staycation :(.

I did decide to move forward with some really exciting professional changes. And I finally finished my taxes, and made a huge dent in a bunch of paperwork, and general organization. Aaaaand had lunch with a friend and got a pedi. Pretty good!

Only thing is I've had some insomnia the last few nights. I don't like it.

Food today:

M1: chicken-apple sausage, 1 egg in ghee, small sweet potato, green peppers, apple; cm coffee

Then I was bad, 2 episodes of not-a meals...

S1: almonds, a couple dried figs, dark chocolate. Not a meal

S2: Paleo People Cacao Nut granola. Ate 3/4 of the bag on the way home from the grocery store. Definitely not a meal.

M2: Chorizo in a compliant marinara over spaghetti squash, green salad with carrots, celery, and avocado with Braggberry dressing. Good meal.

I saved the lamb (it's actually a leg of lamb, not a roast) for tomorrow. Crockpot? Roast? I found a couple of recipes I'm deciding between.

Off to collect some stragglers from the hive transfer the other night. And then I am hoping for a solid night's sleep.

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Oh please tell me you solved the hidden eggs mystery. :)

Ha ha. You are all waiting with baited breath.....?! Where. Are. The. Eggs???

I don't know! I have searched high and low, but I can't find them!

I wonder if they are hopping the fence and laying in the neighbors' yards.

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You have hives. I am getting homesick. My granny has 15 of them back home.

I think I am missing part of the story (in the log section?) about bees and eggs. I should go to sleep, but now I need to know the story. Mmhhnm.

What did you do with the lamb?

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Nadia, I bet your granny has lovely, mellow European bees. Some of our hives are a bit hot (Africanized) at the moment, so we may need to re-queen them. We'll see.

My BF's daughter is a beekeeper, and we are the repository for wayward hives and swarms. Some we keep here, and some get re-homed depending on her clients. I can tell you one thing, this former bee-phobe is learning a ton and has lost her phobia.

I used this recipe for the lamb:


adding rosemary and a smidgen of fish sauce

substituting honey for the sugar and basil for the mint because I forgot to buy mint.

I had never made a lamb roast and I was afraid I would ruin it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite and announced, "hey! this doesn't suck!" My guy looks at me like I'm crazy and says, "what did you think would happen? how could you ruin it? And my daughter piped in, "oh just compliment her, would ya?" Good girl.

On the side: romanesco roasted with lemon, roasted zucchini, and a green salad with strawberries.

Breakfast was leftovers from dinner. 'Lunch' was way too many coconut flakes today, that autopilot hand to mouth thing. Grrr.

I need to nip this in the bud and eat 3 meals a day instead of 2 meals and mid-day grazing.

Plan for tomorrow:

1. I'm going out with my coffee at 6am and not leaving until I find those eggs! I'll watch those little dinosaurs like a hawk and see where they go.

2. Plant a bunch of stuff in starter boxes. Squirrel destroyed most of the garden, except for the corn, which I won't eat anyway. Hmmmm, maybe that squirrel knows what's what.

And in the afternoon... cook, cook, cook. I went to Costco today and have a fridgeful. Back to work Monday. Wah wah wah.

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Yea, working really seems to interfere with my life right now.

My mom is Greek so we ate a lot of lamb growing up. I've never cooked one myself. Maybe I'll try.

Good for you for cooking today. And I agree about the two meals plus snacking issue...

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Things learned reinforced today:

1. I would rather sleep in than watch chickens and plant things :rolleyes:.

2. The trick to beef bacon is cooking it in the oven till crispy.

3. Opened bags of snack-able things, like coconut flakes, are not safe around me.

4. Vitamix variable speed I/level 7 is perfect for making mayo.

In my fridge cooked and ready: lamb, burgers, smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, fresh mayo.

Also, lots of fresh greens, brussels sprouts, carrots, herbs.

Had roasted duck legs for dinner with Sunny Paris. Reheated romanesco and sweet potatoes in the fat. Yum!

Threw the bones and skin back in the oven to render out more fat.

Now to sleep, perchance to dream. And back to work bright and early. Meals packed.

Here are some vacation snapshots.





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The eggs, the eggs, the eggs...... I just don't know. The search continues. Perpetually.

All food yesterday and meals 1 & 2 today were W30 compliant. A little dried fig excess yesterday and today after dinner. Now, the figs are gone. Good riddance.

Meal 3 today was at a little place called Sushi Diner, http://sushidiner1.com

but we call it "Rasta Sushi." Think Bob Marley with a twist of dachshund.

We ordered the following rolls: Ya Man!, Super Caterpillar, Smokin' Jamaican and Don't Worry Be Happy.

Totally worth it. Let's see if I'm singing that tune when the migraine hits. Maybe it won't?

Don't worry, be happy. Ya, Man.

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I figured out that your log is the best read in the morning. I love it! That cauliflower and the cat? Oh my. If your invitation is still valid...ya know :D

Bees are fun. I am not too sure about the type my granny has or the terms in English tho. When I was a kid I had "honey duties" (spent summer holidays at grannys country house). I was responsible for looking for a queen while Mom and Granny were working on the hive that was about to leave or puffIng the smoking thing. I am not sure if you use it here. Once I was left alone for an hour (I was 6 years old) while Grams went to the market. The hive has left the bee house and sat on the apple tree. I was so scared that it will leave. Grams returned to find me wrapped in adult beekeeper apparel (with the net on my head) dragging the box and the smoker to the tree. Favorite family story.

I loved the day of collecting honey. All the family would gather, G ranny would collect the honeycombs, Grandad would bring them and keep warm in the wood burning stove (man, I am lost with my vocabulary here, I hope it makes sense). Mom would open the honeycombs with the warm needle tool. Dad and I would be extracting - we had hand extracting thing back then. You got me all homesick haha.

I wonder what my condo management would think of me having a hive on a balcony?

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Geeze, you're making me homesick for you, Nadia. What a great vignette you conjured up. Here's a TED talk on urban beekeeping for your condo management: http://www.ted.com/t...honey_bees.html

Here's a picture of my sushi rolls from last night:


Today food not great.

I woke up, stumbled out the door and drove kids to school. Drove home, had a banana, and went back to bed thinking I had to work overnight, as I usually do on Wednesdays. Got woken up mid-dream at 12:30pm (!), had leftover baked scallop and crab roll (omg!) and black coffee, and had a conference call at 1pm. Took a shower and, mid-shower, realized that I DON'T work tonight! I work tomorrow night instead. This was a veritable gift; I feel like I was given a free day. So I went off to get kids from school and run some errands, stopped at Trader Joe's, picked up a tin of 73% cacao dark chocolate wedges at the counter, and ate half of them on the drive home. I finally handed it to my daughter with instructions to take it away and hide it.

Now I have a whopper of a headache and just took some ibuprofen. What to have for dinner? The only protein I have in the fridge is chicken sausages. I have shrimp, a seafood medley, some other fish, and ground meats in the freezer. Oh! Frozen pre-made bison burgers! Perfect. With kale and/or chard and spaghetti squash.

I am practicing the skill of indulging (like last night), and then getting right back on track. A little wobbly today with the leftovers and chocolate, but now I have a plan.

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I am a bitch on wheels today. Just ask my kids. They're hiding in their rooms.

All I want to do is lock myself in my room with a half gallon of rocky road.

PMS? Let's hope so.

Alas I have to work. So I better get packing (the good food).

So far today: leftovers from last night, some mushroom/sweet potato hash, and one wedge of dark chocolate.

Wish me (and my patients, aaaaand my patience) luck.

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