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I have been soaking them, and talking about it. I think beets posted a link on who knows what page of what thead but google will work just fine- Weston a price,nourished kitchen, nourishing traditions- these are variations on the same style (kind of like all the dif takes on paleo) but the principles and info will be the same at any Traditional Food Prep method discussion.

Nadia- soaking the nuts has stopped me from overrating them.

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I googled "paleo nashville" and came up with a list of restaurants. I think I'll just eat my way through that city. Plan to post a message on the conference message board, "Do you eat paleo/primal/ancestral? Join me on an eating adventure!" and I'll leave my cell phone #.

Gonna stop by Trader Joe's and Sprouts and Costco today to provision up. Gonna go look for all those travel threads for lists. I really want to eat clean while I'm away so it doesn't turn into a free-for-all.

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So far so good. Landed mid afternoon and ate dried salami, an apple, and some of the kale chips I made last night. Yea, that's what I needed to be doing been doing at 1am when I had to leave at 5am for the airport. Well, the kale chips got soggy, and they smelled so strong, stunk up the whole plane. I eventually ate a few and then threw out the rest. What a waste, but oh well.

Dinner out was osso bucco, a huge portion, with roasted carrots, braised kale with onions. It came with risotto which I did not eat. I am gonna drum up some foodies to go on eating adventures. My roommate at the hotel said she would, and I know of someone else here eating paleo.

I can barely keep my eves open, so goodnight.

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Hats off to anyone who can pull off a W30 while traveling, conferencing, and staying in a hotel. I am eating as clean as I am reasonable able and it's not even close to W30 compliant. No fridge in the room, limited time for meals out, and the human vulture factor sniffing out free food. Were the scrambled eggs just eggs or was there some weird emulsifier in them? What was in the meatballs? The crab salad? The tapenade? What oil was in everything? Bread, bread everywhere, and dairy. I ate some boursin (mostly, I think) on strawberries, with salmon...). I dumped everything off the bread, had deviled eggs, and a small slice of some fig and almond thing which was on the cheese board. This is probably the culprit ultimately responsible for my present bloated and gassy state, but who knows.

I'll keep on making the best choices, and get out to some restaurants over the next few days. So she says, so she says...

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Thanks, Nadia. It's not horrible, I just wish there were more options more readily available. It also just blows my mind how much crap is consumed regularly by most people. I mean, it really drives the point home when you're trying to avoid poison.

Oh, I should brag, I made it to a 6am yoga class this morning. Folks may have figured this out by now, but I am not a morning person :D.

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Hey! It has been a couple weeks since my last post... not that I wasn't thinking of all y'all.

I was at my conference and actually did really well in the food department, I was very proud of myself. I got back and was doing well until last week and then the balance tipped and I started being "off" more than "on," so I'm going to consciously reel it in. Not a W30 per se, because I'm traveling to New York in 10 days for a wedding and a week's vacation.


Crazy this past week with school ending, presentations, 8th grade promotion, etc etc. Kids are with their dad this week and I sent the day in the backyard re-planting seedlings. Caught and released squirrel #12 today, those little bastards, so I am keeping everything in pots. Kale, lettuce, chard, basil, cilantro, parsley, beets. Got some squash from the main garden and I'm stuffing one with pork for dinner. Geeze, it's already 7pm, better get to it.


Almonds soaking, booch brewing (making 2 batches at once), will grab an egg from the coop and make a batch of mayo.... not focusing on AIP for now. Just need to address the big things that cause an obvious reaction... I can get so caught up in the details and it does become somewhat convoluted. Big rocks first:


1. nuts (un-soaked)--> tears up gut (I haven't had nuts at all any since the soaked nuts I brought on my trip)

2. my sugar dragon, which has been roused--> addiction. I know this can be starved and caged with a solid meal template.

3. binging/grazing behavior--> spirals me down in so many ways. Ditto on the meal template.


Those are the big rocks.


I'll post some pics after dinner.





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Pics from my trip:


Menu from

The menu changes frequently. post-13243-0-92494600-1371357533_thumb.j

I was so beat, and was just gonna crash in my hotel room, but when I learned some friends were going here I looked at the menu on-line, threw some clothes on and frantically texted telling them to wait for me. This might have been the best meal I have ever had. Ever. I took a picture of everyone taking a picture of their food.


octopus. I made everyone try some of this.



duck sausage, foie gras, other stuff, ate the cheese, skipped the bread





Next night, bbq pork, sweet potato fries and steamed veggies, a mocktail, and some great music at Puckett's


Why does it upload sideways like this? Not how it's saved on my computer.


Some for dinner, some for breakfast the next day



Me in the elevator, on my way out. 



When I got home, I found a nice scoby! My first batch of booch. Unflavored. Busted it out at a birthday party.



Scoby and me.


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@Susan, dukunbooch! I may have messed up my booch, though. Time will tell. I threw in a couple of flavored tea bags without realizing that the oils are bad for the brew  :huh:.


@Calee, it's in Nashville. If you're ever in that city, you must go! Did you check out the menu? Drool.


@Moluv, thanks (I think. Though, in my middle age I don't know that that's what I'm going for. Alas, 'tis my fate.) Congrats on that egg. Do you have roosters?


Hospital day today. Pretty chill. To dissuade foraging I brought a rolling suitcase full of food, including leftovers, beef bacon (1 pack left in the freezer. Never again will I make that mistake, but at least I figured out a way to cook it so it's edible), Bubbies sauerkraut, a bag of greens, a couple of carrots, a mason jar of bone broth, avo, olives, sea snax, mayo (I ended up making 2 batches last night, 1 an utter failure which I'll have to figure out some use for, and the other a stupendous, emulsified success). I didn't eat everything, but I was well fed today.


Back at home, I had one small square of dark chocolate and 2 almonds, which aren't entirely dried yet, so in the oven they shall stay.


Very tired. These 12+ hour days in a concrete building without sunlight or fresh air really take it out of me. I could have gotten outside, just need to do it. I will. I will!

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dukunbersodacair is your name now. HA! 

I like it but, Nadia, 'splain please? ....bersodacair? Word search?! I love word searches,

be soda so da ca ir (bilingual? to go)...?


I work tonight, no kids today, slept in, had leftover grilled chicken, braised greens and guac for breakfast, and now enjoying my bulletproof coffee. Feels so sinful, I love it.


Planning a crockpot bison meatloaf for dinner and/or breakfast tomorrow, but need to figure out a substitute for worcestershire. Coconut aminos and fish sauce?


New organic produce store opened in a neighboring hood. Nice little store. Fabulous chocolate selection  :rolleyes:. I was good, only bought one smaller bar, didn't chow it down in the car, and shared it after dinner.  post-13243-0-95044100-1371667660_thumb.j


I tried to convince bf we should open a butcher shop with all pastured, free range, blah blah blah, and that he should go to butcher school and become a butcher. At age 53!! Yea, he thought that was a terrific idea. I think it would be a money maker, a nice little retirement business. An awful lot of work though, eh? Really, I think I just want someone else to open a place like that around here so I can shop there. So, if anyone wants to start a business in San Diego, you've got a customer here.


Food-wise and mentally and I am back in "this place," as opposed to "that other place," or veering dangerously close to "that other place." I would like to not dichotomize so much. Wouldn't that be such a sign of balance and health? I really am so, so eating disordered. I'm not one of those people for whom a Whole30 changed my life, hear the angels sing, I have seen the light, I am cured. Probably no one really is. This is yet another lesson on a long line of lessons.  

Slog, slog, slog...

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Dukun = we know is a wizard. Bersoda = fizzy. Cair = liquid. So says google translator  :ph34r:


I know this brand, mighty good. Sigh. 


Oh please, please, please open a butchery! I have a smart plan! I come and cook all the offal bits you'll have and we sell it. Not many people want to touch it, but I guess there are way more volunteers to eat this stuff. I'll work for bison meatloaf and some booch. Maybe some melon. Your eggs are safe too since I can't have them  ^_^


No one really is. True. 

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Oh please, please, please open a butchery! I have a smart plan! I come and cook all the offal bits you'll have and we sell it. Not many people want to touch it, but I guess there are way more volunteers to eat this stuff.


Great minds think alike. This did occur to me :)!

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I grew up in San Diego and my mom still lives there. She goes to a butchery for our Christmas prime rib every year. I will find out where it is. :) She lives in La Jolla, but I know the butchery is somewhere else.


Just go with the flow on the oils in the tea. It will work or not. Just think Pixie dust ala Nadia. have egg laying chickens in SD? Where do you live pray tell. I am a coastal girl, so forgive the blinders I am wearing. :)

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@Susan, I live in North Clairemont, 10 min due east of La Jolla Shores, close to the coast but not right on it. We look at Mt. Soledad from our back deck. Big canyon backyard, which bf cleared and cultivated 20+ years ago. I do have a friend in La Jolla who has chickens... not that it deterred folks before, but it's now legal within SD city limits to have chickens (no roosters), bee hives, and goats. All we need is a goat  :D. There is a growing backyard homesteading community in San Diego, it's pretty fun.


There is a grass fed beef butchery in La Jolla. I am looking for all meats other than beef. I eat beef but bf does not (he'll eat anything else). There is a farm about an hour away for goats and sheep and beef, and other stuff too, and I could order a whole or part animal and they butcher it, but I would need to get a chest freezer. I may just have to go that route. It would end up being quite economical.

There is no multi-meat pastured butchery that I can find around here (other than WholePaycheck).


Re: the booch... I am afraid to look at it because the paper towels are rubber banded on just so. I'll give it another week and then peek.

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Lol on your SCOBY. How long has it been? Take a look or the poor thing will feel neglected.

My mom adores goats. She wont have chickens because she is afraid critters will get them or get sick. It is hard to get her to eat protein because she really loves animals. She is 88. :0)

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Poor me. It's a beautiful day. I am supine on the couch "just so," with the heating pad on my upper back and a tennis ball by my left scapula. I have done something terrible to myself, and over the last week or two it has worsened to the point where I am barely moving. I can't sit, was at a seminar all morning yesterday and stood the whole time, or sat on the floor with my back flat against the wall. I have an urgent care appointment at 3pm today so I am biding my time till then. Of course they'll just give me drugs and send me on my way, but I'll take it for now. I already took 800mg motrin and 1g tylenol. Ordering my kids around. We were gonna go snorkle-aking (snorkling and kayaking), but no.


Okay, enough with the pity party.


@Susan, scoby is maybe 2 weeks old now, not very warm on my counter. I talk to it so I hope it doesn't feel neglected.


It seems I am doing a Whole Something. Have been really sticking to the template and feel good. Except for my back. Just finished the rest of my soaked nuts, so I'll have to make more.

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So on the way home from urgent care, where I got trigger point injections and now feel much better already, probably because of the lidocaine in the injections... I stopped with my daughter at this Vietnamese sandwich shop and got spring rolls, seaweed snacks, and  mochi (yes, folks gluten). Ate the mochi in the car on the way home, and by the time I got home I was in the middle of a violent allergy attack. Sinuses filled, wheezing, throat and ears itchy, eyes red and burning. Holy crap! Took a while to calm down, hits of albuterol and antihistamines. Could be a coincidence, I have never associated severe respiratory allergy symptoms to food. Crazy.

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