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kb0426 whole30 round 2 complete!


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We are gathered here today… no that doesn't work.

Once upon a time…nope, not it either.

How do I start this story?

My background…I grew up an overweight child, ballooned into a morbidly obese adult, and in 2004 at the age of 38 I had gastric bypass surgery. It was a success and I lost 120 pounds as a result.

Fast forward to 2008 when I started tracking calories. I did that for 4 years, rather obsessively. I did lose weight, but also created a VERY unhealthy relationship between my food choices and exercise. In the last two years of counting calories, I ended up gaining weight and feeling like a failure.

Throughout 2012 I kept hearing about the whole30 from different sources. My first thought was “give up peanut butter? Garbanzo beans? BREAD?†As time went on, I recognized that bad choices, even though logged, meant bad changes to my body. My blood glucose came back and I was told I was pre-diabetic.

It took me 3 months to really start to make changes. In September, I did my first whole30 and LOVED it. I lost 9 pounds, had energy through the roof, and slept so soundly. I was amazed at how quickly I could fall asleep and stay asleep. I had a radiance in my skin that was noticeable by others.

Through the holidays I did a whole12, and gave up caffeinated coffee. I did fairly well at maintaining my eating.

In March, I had foot surgery to repair a torn ligament, and also a toe reconstruction. Prior to the surgery, I was enjoying crackers, cheese, wine and whine. :) After the surgery, I let friends cook for me and enjoyed lasagna and garlic bread and more wine and whine. Miraculously I only gained 2 pounds back. My skin no longer glowed, and dairy acne littered my face.

A week after my foot surgery , I hobbled into a new gym in my neighborhood during an open house and signed up.

Knowing you cannot out train a poor diet, I decided this would be a great time to clean up my act again! Enter whole30 round #2!

Wow, that was a long introduction.

So, how was this second round?

  • Easier than the first! I was already enjoying savory breakfasts, which as my biggest hurdle the first time.
  • Tiger's blood and sound sleep came a lot earlier.
  • I made a conscious effort to include more leafy greens in my meals. In my head, I thought “WWTD?†Of course that means, what would Tom do!
  • I found out I really needed Natural Calm and was so happy that I made that purchase.
  • This round was less expensive. A can of sardines are cheap as chips, and I realized in round 1 I had probably too much protein and not enough veggies on my plate. Sardines (and tuna and beef patties) to the rescue!
  • I realize I am naturally becoming a seasonal eater. I had no desire for butternut squash this time around and cannot wait for some local berries!
  • I committed to going to the gym 4 days a week. I would only allow myself 30 minutes on the stationery bicycle. I did intervals on the bike and made sure I get my sweat on! I had to limit it to 30 minutes; I know how my mind works. If I challenged myself to go longer one day, and failed to achieve that the next time, I end up seeing my efforts as a failure. This is why I also only committed to 4 days a week. If I said “I will go to the gym 6 days a week†then only made it 4, again, I called myself not nice names.
  • I can not only do anything for 30 days, I can also do anything for 2 minutes, or 1 minute, or 5 seconds, as that is the mantra in my head when I am DYING on the bike.
  • In that time, I have gotten a lot stronger and I feel a lot leaner. My jeans are still tight, but the reality is, I tend to purchase skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are not necessarily cut to support strong calves and thighs AND a booty :). Getting the pants to my thinner waist was the challenge, not the waist itself. Don't kick yourself when this happens – celebrate it! And, buy a different style pant.
  • The results? My waist is down an inch, my hips and chest stayed the same, and I gained 3 pounds. For the first time in my life, I could care less. Those 3 pounds don't take away from what I have achieved.

Now what? Well, first, I get the pin removed this afternoon! Happy dance!

Second, continue to enjoy my food choices. I already had bacon this morning :) but have not really planned any other reintroductions. It was funny at the store yesterday; I thought about buying some organic heavy cream, but then thought why bother? I know cheese is an issue for me, so I made a point to NOT buy any. I will have cheese again, I have no doubt. I just don't need it in the house right now.

I will follow the template when at home and relax when I am out. In May I head to New Mexico for vacation, and plan on some local cuisine, without worry!

I am so happy to be back in the gym, and feel great. Now that the pin will be removed, I am looking forward to doing some full body exercises. Well, I say look forward, but the reality is it will likely suck, but I look forward to the results!

I will continue to enjoy this community as long as you will have me! :D

I will log my post whole30 choices for a while, and can be found here:


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Great story! I love that you don't care about gaining 3 lbs and are focused on how you feel. If I gain nothing else from this program, ditching the scale/calorie obsession would be awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Dear kb! Congrats on round 2.

I've read your posts for the first time while a major meltdown some time ago. I was fascinated with your attitude. You are source of inspiration for me and lot of people here, so thank you. Keep rocking (in your neon yellow beauties)!

WWTD - priceless. That's why the weapon green of choice was kale :)

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Thanks Kb0426! This is very inspirational to me. I have always went into things 110% and exercise is one of them. I can not count the times i was overzealous during workouts and actually did my body more damage than good, so I have went into it slowly, walking, stretching and calisthenics for no more than 30 minutes a day, for now.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey.

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I really like reading your post. I just finished my first whole30 today with great results (healing my relationship with food and down 7 pounds with increased energy and great skin). Seeing what you learned the second time around on your whole 30 is motivating me to continue on after my reintro period. I feel great and also know that I have more work to do with healing my relationship with food. I know this is changing my life, but it hasn't COMPLETELY changed my life yet. It's such an exciting thing and a first for me. I have suspected that maybe I have been including more protein than vegetables (and especially want to incorporate more green leafy ones) and will make that a goal the next time around, among some other goals. Thanks for sharing your story! 

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