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New guy here getting hungry for candie and what do we drink?


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I guess it just dawned on my that other than water, black coffee, coconut milk, or unsweetened tea, what are we supposed to drink.

Is NA beer ok?


I don't know exactly what is in NA beer but my guess is no. Beer contains gluten so I would imagine NA beer would as well. Plus..there is that whole Sex With Your Pants On thing.

I drink Kombucha, sassy water, soda water and a ton of filtered water.

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Water. Honestly, sweetened drinks were BY FAR the hardest thing for my wife and I to give up. For the first few days, plain water actually made me ill. I still have to drink it as ice cold as possible, warm water does not sit well with me. Hang in there. Within a few days your system and your palette starts to clear out, and it gets easier. Some of the suggestions above are good ones, but honestly, plain old water is your best friend here. It can be found anywhere you go, even in friends houses and restaurants, and on the go, so there is never a lack of something to drink on this diet if you can learn to drink water.

The candy cravings also start to go away. Use your fruits, have a little at each meal. Berries are coming back in season now, and the stores have some amazing blackberries, and watermelon in some areas. Both are on plan so go for it. Not too much however! If you ate a bunch of fruit and find yourself getting sleepy afterward - you had too much!

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