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Stomachache on Day 16?

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OK, so I am on Day 17 of my Whole 30 and doing pretty well! But last night at around 10pm, my stomach started aching and kept aching until I fell asleep. The last thing I had eaten was dinner at around 7pm, which was chicken and green veggies (zucchini, green beans and green bell pepper). These are things I eat all the time, so not sure why they would cause this.

When I woke up this morning my stomach was again a little achy. I ate a banana, then had some egg whites with tomatoes and squash flower, cooked in coconut oil (SIDE NOTE: this morning I discovered that the olive oil spray I'd been using most mornings for my eggs had soy lecithin in it! ARGH!! Do I have to start over now? And could that have been the cause?).

Stomach is feeling somewhat better now but still not totally okay. I'm just wondering what would have caused that so seemingly out of the blue. By way of background, my first 9 days or so on the program I was seriously constipated, then finally got regular after starting a Calcium-Magnesium supplement (1000mg calcium and 500mg magnesium). I'm also taking 1000mg fish oil omega-3 supplement.

Could it just be my digestion system adjusting still? I know in the scheme of things, 16 days of clean eating doesn't make up for 39 years of serious grain consumption! :)

Also, just to give all the info, my typical daily meals consist of:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or egg whites with spinach and tomato (or other variations)

Mid-morning snack: Macadamia nuts or an apple with some almond butter.

Lunch: Large salad with chicken and various toppings (yesterday was raisins, coconut flakes, sliced almonds, and coconut oil; olives make frequent appearances too). Spinach is the main leafy green, but I sometimes mix in red lettuce as well.

Dinner: Meat (chicken, steak, pork chops) with colorful veggies (either sauteed or steamed) OR a salad like the above.

Post-Workout Meal: Sweet potatoes with coconut oil and egg whites (hard boiled).

Occasional snacks: Mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, banana, cherries or other fruit, celery, olives.

Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to make sure all the info is out there. Thanks for any help/ideas you can provide. :)

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Sometimes a stomach ache is just a stomach ache. I doubt it is your diet and it might not be Whole30 related.

The soy lecithin in the olive oil spray is probably small enough to not cause a problem. I personally would not start over from Day 1 of a Whole30 over it, but it may have degraded your experience. Think about doing a Whole45 to make sure you get everything you can from the experience.

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Great! Thank you, Tom! I've been planning to continue eating this way anyway, so extending to a Whole45 wouldn't be a big issue. And I like your reminder that sometimes a stomachache is just a stomachache. I do tend to overthink things a bit, so this is good to keep in mind!

:) Thanks!

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I used to have major constipation problems and eating a little bit of a fermented food like fresh sauerkraut or kimchi or drinking plain kombucha every day has helped a lot. Sometimes the years of abuse can mess with our guts big time. Here is a great video post about how to make your own sauerkraut if you are interested.


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