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My Story: Day 10


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I have completed 10 days of my Whole 30! It feels great to have made it this far! :)

I am a little tired still but it seems to be getting easier and I blame my busy schedule for the sleepy feeling more than the way I am eating.

I have a long history of binging and constant dieting. Of coarse those two things seem to go together. I have been overweight my whole life. Even when I have managed to loose large ammounts of weight I could never get to what is considered a healthy weight for my height so I would get frustrated and give up and gain it all back again. In the last year and a half I have lost 107lbs on Weight Watchers and have been stuck in the same place: about 20 lbs from goal (with the exception of gaining and loosing a few pounds over and over again) for the last three months.

I was recently introduced to a paleo lifestyle by a coworker who convinced me to participate in a Whole Life Challenge. That experience was valuable, but I felt like it was easy to transfer my poor relationship with food onto the "approved" foods. In eight weeks I onlly lost 2lbs and continued to graze and overeat: fruit, nuts and nut butters especially. After the challenge was over, I found myself falling into the same bad habits and I desperately needed something to snap myself out of this distructive pattern. I had read a lot of the information on the Whole 9 website as resources during the challenge and decided to commit to complete a whole 30 myself.

This has been an eye opening week. The first couple of days were rough. I had bad headaches and no energy. But I was really aware of what, how and why I was eating. By day three I was able to eat only three meals a day without feeling deprived. I know it most likely won't continue to be so easy. In fact today I had a hard time stoping after dinner and ate a piece of fruit and drank some tea which seems to have done the trick (though I am trying to limit fruit as much as possible). I have a few more days at home and then I will traveling to a family members home for a four day weekend. I am trying to plan ahead and bring as much with me as possible to make it through the weekend on plan.

My husband has commited to doing another Whole 30 with me when we return so hopefully my Whole 30 will become a Whole 43. I am so excited by my results so far. After years of weighing and measuring my food and constantly being aware of how much I am eating the meal template is liberating. Even though I hope to lose some weight eating this way, I am most excited by the way I am starting to feel about food and eating. I feel like I can "eat like a normal person" and I am truly changing the relationship I have with food!

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After years of weighing and measuring my food and constantly being aware of how much I am eating the meal template is liberating. Even though I hope to lose some weight eating this way, I am most excited by the way I am starting to feel about food and eating. I feel like I can "eat like a normal person" and I am truly changing the relationship I have with food!

First of all, CONGRATS on losing 107 pounds! That is amazing!! B)

Second, I feel the same way you do about food and eating without obsessing over weighing and measuring! Isn't it liberating??? I am on day 22 and it's been so much easier than I thought it would be. I followed WW on and off for 30 years and while I knew it was better than most weightloss plans, I obsessed about food and points!

Good luck with the rest of your W30 adventure and so glad your husband is willing to do it with you!

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Well, I will be starting over tomorrow! My DH won't start until Wednesday because there is not much food in the house but I know if I wait, tomorrow will turn into an excuse to eat a bunch of junk!

My trip was much harder than I thought. We did not have our own transportation so we were very limited by what was provided for us to eat. I guess I was hoping for much healthier choices. The first day was great! I used a lot of the food I prepared to bring with me and the dinner they prepared for us was fully compliant.

The second day was my downfall. I ate fruit for breakfast as that and muffins were my choices. Lunch was sloppy joes and veggies (and chips and a whole lot of other processed food). I ate lots of veggies and a serving of sloppy joe meat that I am sure had sugar in it. Dinner was pizza and salad. I had three pieces of pizza and a large salad followed by a peanut butter bar (or two).

The next day was great! We had grilled chicken and salad that I ate for all three meals. I know I didn't get enough fat but it felt so good to eat cleanly again. It was the best day of the trip.

Today we were traveling and I had used up all of my pre-packed food on the way there so...... I made some good choices but know it was not a fully compliant day.

Ever since I ate the sugar on Saturday, I want to eat EVERYTHING! After just 14 short days of my whole 30 I can feel what a difference it makes on your other eating habits when you choose to eliminate sugar from your diet or not.

So now I start over! Looking forward to once again silencing the call from those bakery chocolate chip cookies!

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So today is day 1 again. I have been sick with a bad cold and it became my excuse. No more excuses! I have decided to log my food here everyday for awhile to help keep me accountable. This is day 4 for my husband! He is complaining about no beer but otherwise doing better than I am.

Meal 1: half a sweet potato with kale slaw, onion, mushrooms and orange pepper with 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil.

coffee with coconut milk and a few strawberries

Meal 2: half a sweet potato, raw veggies, olives, ground beefalo

snack: ate a banana on the way home from the grocery store.

Meal 3: lamb chop, salad and califlower. handful of pecans and an apple.

snack: tea and coconut shavings.

Feel ok. I ate more fruit today than I would like and know I need to avoid nuts as they quickly become food with no brakes. If this is similar to other times I have tried this, the first five days are the worst for cravings.

One day closer!

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Day 2! Feeling good today. It is a beautiful spring day so I am looking forward to a nice run outisde this afternoon.

Meal 1: 2 eggs, kale slaw with califlower and a pinch of shaved almonds

Meal 2: a baked sweet potato, "greek" chicken salad, decaf with cocunut milk and afew cocnut shavings

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You got this choirgirl. You can do it! You did great getting those 107 pounds off. I know that once I eat sugar, I'm off and running again. Thus far I've made it to Day 9 without slipping around.

I do go to WW because there is no set meal plan, just portions. I'm doing this Whole30 and trying not to measure. I've been measuring food for so many years, I don't know how "not to". I hit my WW lifetime two years ago and still go for the accountability. I like keeping it free and think that in the back of my mind is always that binges are going to cost me, both on my tush and at meetings. I've been successful in not paying for two years. My goal with Whole 30 is to see how life is without the foods I'm allergic to, or without nightshades. While I would love to drop 5 pounds, my goal is really toning up and feeling healthier. I want to sleep without sleep aids.

Keep with it. We'll both find great results I think. :)

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So I have finally made it to day 10 - again!  I found that the obsessiveness of being so restrictive was just leading to more and more binging. After almost a month of 2 days paleo, followed by 3 days of binging I decided to spend a week just getting my eating under control - no more bindging - before I started my whole 30 over.  Finally had  a successful restart on June 1st.  It hasn't been easy. There have been a lot of family events where I had to bring my own food but I am now into the no cravings phase, my pants are looser and I am starting to feel good again!

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