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Captain's Log [Post W30]

The Captain

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23 April, 2013

15 days ago I successfully completed my first Whole30, but because of some minor things in the first week, and simply because I had seen great progress but wanted to see a little more stability, I extended it for another 15 days.

So today I begin my "Day 31".

Honestly, I spent most of last night being worried. About three weeks ago I began really looking forward to the end of W30, thinking of all the things I would add back in, trying to decide what I would try first. Over the last week or two, though, those thoughts have instead turned into "Well, I could go a little longer..." "Maybe I shouldn't add anything in yet..." and mostly "What if I screw up everything I gained over the last month?". So I decided to go ahead and stop after my 15 days, and start reintroduction, if only to battle the fear of it. I do see more W30s in my future, but I want to figure out how I handle "normal life" for now.

I decided to start with sugar first, since trying most grains, dairy, etc. is going to include sugar anyway. Although I do love sweets, it's usually more along the lines of a nice pastry, not just sugar dumped into my drinks and sweeteners added to my foods. Since I'm trying really hard to keep things separate though, I decided I would just add some sugar/honey/etc. to my teas and coffees, or something like that, for now.

This morning I had a smaller-than-usual and not quite template-correct breakfast, because I had with it a blended coffee. Black coffee that I've been drinking, W30 compliant almond milk, ice, and about 1T of sugar.

Didn't notice effects at first, but about two hours later, I'm noticing:

Feeling very unfocused. Trying to get work done and my mind is wandering all over the place. Decided to take a quick work break to jot this down and see if recognizing it would help me get back on track a little.

Feeling very jittery/anxious/restless. Used to have a bad case of 'restless leg syndrome' (not the actual diagnosis, I would just constantly be agitated, bouncing my legs, fiddling with things, etc.) but now that I'm thinking about it, it's disappeared almost completely over the last month. As I write this, I'm bouncing around/moving about in my chair, generally looking like a third grader trying to get out of class because they need the loo. I also feel a little...I'm not sure; I guess anxious was the right word there. Just a general sense of agitation/unease, although it's mild.

I don't like my teeth, or my tongue. That is, the sugar coating on them. My mouth feels pretty gross right now, which is a feeling I haven't dealt with this last month. I'm going to get up and brush my teeth when I finish writing this because it's driving me nuts. My saliva is more sticky, there's an unpleasant aftertaste, and a gross coating on my tongue/teeth. Yuck.

And finally, it simply doesn't taste that good. I still foresee myself enjoying a delicious pastry or nice cup of ice cream sometimes, but I have a feeling the days of dumping half a cup of sugar and syrup into my coffee, or a huge squeeze of honey into my tea, are long gone. I didn't add even 1/3 as much sugar as I used to put into my drinks (probably less than that) and my first sip tasted (disappointingly) almost sickly-sweet. The only reason I kept drinking was to get the sugar into my system and see how I did with it. I would have enjoyed a nice, fresh, hot black coffee this morning much better, and probably would have eaten a better breakfast with it, too.

Now, I'm not giving up on sugar yet. I want to be able to add it in with certain things, and see if I handle it better mixed into, say, a slice of pecan pie instead of dumped straight into a drink. But I don't have any wild cravings to stuff my face, and my "sugar dragon" seems to be taking a nap. Honestly drinking the too-sweet taste and feeling the not-so-swell side-effects have given me more of a "why bother?" attitude than a "buy out the candy store" craving.

I think I may leave the sugar-only experiment at one-day, go back to W30 for a couple days, and try dairy next. I don't see why I need to spend more time on this one when the effects are obvious and I'm not particularly enjoying what I'm adding back in. Feel free to chime in with advice if you think I'm going about this wrong! Now I know what to look for from "minimal sugars", like getting some in my sauces, milk, etc., to see if that's enough to bother me. I don't think the next big sugar challenge is going to rear it's head until I've tried enough food groups to tackle a baked good, though.

Mission: Success.

Sugar Dragon is still sleeping, and my "want-whineys" for sweets have significantly decreased after this morning's taste/feelings.

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