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Starting Today April 24, Day 1


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Hey guys,

Today is my first day. I tried to start a little over a week ago and lasted about 4 days before I got side tracked and messed up. I'm starting all over again today. Hoping this time will go much smoother than last. I am a runner and currently have a stress fracture and can barely exercise so I figured this is a perfect time to get my eating habits on track. I usually am successful during the week but since I'm in college, as soon as the weekend comes, everything goes downhill. I'm hoping with the daily email, support of one close friend and the support of these forums I can stay on task and see results. I really want to live a healthier, happier life. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes come my way from this! Hoping I can stay dedicated, strong and eventually become more confident in myself.

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Have a good day today :)


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I am starting today as well! This is my absolute first time and I am really quite nervous, but I've been thinking of/wanting to do this since January and it's finally time for me to just do it.

I am a stay at home mom to three constantly-hungry kids and one work-at-home dad (who is also constantly hungry it seems). :-) I'm partly apprehensive because I have opted not to include them on the W30 routine so I know my house is still going to be full of things like bread and cheese.

BUT - I want to do this because I know my body needs a good reset. I'm 29, but for the last several months especially I've been having knee problems you'd expect in someone twice my age. Plus I am carrying around a good deal of extra weight from eating poorly (especially during my last few pregnancies).

I like a good challenge and I know this is going to be good for me. It will be hard to break some of the emotional relationships I have with food and hopefully my family can be patient with me while I battle the demons. :-)

I'm excited. I am trying to focus my mind on how amazing it will feel to look back on May 25 and say "I did it!"

I am not doing this with anyone in real life but my husband is always good support for my harebrained schemes.

So...good luck to you and me!

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