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W30-day 8 Awaking from the Haze


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Whole30 (W30-day8)

I am still on this thingy. I am feeling better today than I have in the past. I am beginning to get used to eating this way and just really enjoyed my lunch. I seem to be awaking from my haze of the past week and my daily headache has seemed to go bye-bye which is quite nice.

I still get lethargic pretty easily. One thing I have noticed is that there is no real calorie requirement to meet. I seem to be averaging about 1900 calories a day. I know I am losing weight (I won't mention how I know because I am not supposed to use the scale) but I wonder if I may need to up my calorie intake or ??? I do seem hungry most of the time--especially in the evening, but not enough to eat "steamed fish".

Been seeing a lot of good stuff here. Keep up the great work y'all.

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Follow the meal template and there is no need to worry about caloric intake. If you are hungry, take a look at bumping up your fat or protein intake at a meal.

If you are feeling hungry, yet steamed fish isn't going to take care of it, it may just be a craving or habit. Drink some herbal compliant tea perhaps?

Also, a sweet potato or other starchy veggie a day seems to help with lethargy!

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