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Penni Whole 30

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Day 8, energy boost started yesterday, not that I was low on energy to start with. The only problem I have is with that stupid scale in the bathroom. I'd throw it out (and miss it terribly) but my husband isn't following the program. So, what to do.....while on my bike ride this morning this was my thought topic. So, first to analyze WHY the scale is so important to me, what does it REALLY tell me and is there a better way for me to get the same information?

Why do I step on the scale every day?

  • Find out if what I did yesterday made any difference, posititive or negative
  • See if my BMI fell any
  • See that I am hydrating
  • Remind myself of what my goals are

So, can I get this information some other way? Of course, so here is what I plan to do. I am going to find a white erase board that I can place over the numbers on the scale. I am going to write my weekly goals on that white board, but at the top it is going to say Did You? If I can say yes then yesterday was a success. At the bottom I will write my daily goals to remind myself what I am going to do that day.

I'll still get to step on the scale but I will be changing my perception of what is important.

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