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Day 1...Let's go!


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I did my first Whole 30 in January (started Jan 1) and can honestly say I felt better than I ever had and stuck with the program 98% for the 30 days (I caved to a bite of cheesecake out at dinner one night, but I felt confident to continue and I ended up just fine!)

Since January ended I've kept to eating well but lately I've been slacking big time. I'm a firm believer in not getting on the scale and I actually don't own one, but I did get on the one at my mom's house the other day while house-sitting and I was not happy. My pants aren't fitting the way I like and despite working out regularly, I'm not feeling the way I want. I was feeling sorry for myself last night, and indulged in a glass of wine, woke up feeling horrible but I gave myself a mental slap and made myself a Whole30-compliant day of food and I am amping myself up for the next 30 days!! I hope to drop some weight but ultimately, feel better and more comfortable in my skin. I wasn't really planning on doing this again, but I figure, why wait?! A Thursday is as good as any day to start, and I'm hoping I can keep myself motivated since I'm alone in my journey this time. Last time I did it with a co-worker so I hope I can keep my momentum up

thanks, and good luck to all who are also on this journey!

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