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Started 4/23, on Day 3 and late signing joining the forums!

Leigh Sullivan

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Hi all,

Technically I started Sunday the 21st, really just to see if I could do it. I did and decided to give this a go after hemming and hawing for months. I heard about the Whole30 through the kettlebell studio I go to, bought the book and digested that along with Robb Wolf's book and have been converted to Paleo eating. This is not to say I've been very strict with myself, but it's a journey. I have a significant amount of weight to lose and a host of hormones to reset. I had to dramatically shift my focus from just my outer self and look deeper, I also had to accept myself as I am realizing that my body is my own and will not operate the same way as other women. Anyway, I look forward to talking to you all as we work on creating healthier versions of ourselves!

Leigh Sullivan

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