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One day at a time - Laura's first w30


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I didn't feel amazing at the end of mine either. It was a bit if a let down but I'm guessing I have a lot of gut damage to undo. I suspect I'm way more sensitive to gluten than I wanted to ever admit. And my psoriasis is a clue that my gut is significantly leaky.

I forget how you ate before but you also have three kids, right? And you are BFing? I think that takes a big toll on our bodies. I suspect mine doesn't do a great job processing nutrients.

You might want to stick it out for longer. Congrats anyway for getting this far. A little anti-climactic, I know. I never wrote up my post 30 "success story." I did feel a lot of benefits, but overall I still felt meh.

I do have three kids and I am breastfeeding...and it does take a big toll.

I guess my lack of miraculous results has me thinking a lot about why I started in the first place...I was eating relatively healthy before but struggling with sugar dragons (aside from that my diet was clean and not high in gluten or other processed things). My thinking was: my lack of success in the weight loss department (I have about 25lbs to lose from babies) was a direct result of my sugar problems, and if I could just kick that to the curb, the weight would melt off. 30 days isn't long enough to figure that out maybe...

It's just that aside from being down about my weight and feeling like I was unhealthy from that perspective, I didn't feel particularly awful.

So I don't know...color me ambivalent about the whole thing. I just feel a bit like there's an element of magical thinking to all this - that if we just do it harder, or better or longer that eventually it will start working for everyone. I'm skeptical.

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In hear what you are saying. And I think you make a valid point about the magical thinking aspect.

I felt really bad before I started (more psychologically than physically) and now I feel better in that regard most of the time. I did lose probably 12 lbs since I started (would like to lose 10-12 more) and have lost a lot of belly. Physically the W30 has helped me--but I was eating pretty poorly in the last year.Magic thinking aside, there is evidence that diet can fix leaky gut, which leads to other issues. But if you have been eating well for years, maybe you just need to get a few months of good sleep.

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aaaannndddd DONE.

Yesterday (Day 30) was a weird day...I made cupcakes for my nephews bday (which we ended up not going to because...because) and really wrestled against having a prematurely celebratory cupcake. Good judgement won in the end.

I was feeling ambivalent about reintro the whole day and some fear about going back on a normalish diet. And about finding out what my scale had to say...

And then last night as I was chopping up farmer's market-fresh summer squash for my dinner, I literally hacked off a piece of my finger.tip. (<---incompetent moron). While at home with all three kids and no husband. And also the pilot light on the water heater went out. And my kids heard some interesting words out of my mouth that they probably haven't heard before.

IT was bleeding and hurt like hell so I immediately took three advil and then remembered hearing or reading or seeing something about NSAIDs and w30's. Learned I should never take advil again. Spent the rest of the evening not in pain from my mangled finger (drugs were quite effective at stopping the horrific throbbing there), but in severe gastrointestinal/abdominal pain from the stupid advil.

I should add that since I was 14, I have taken advil pretty regularly in largish doses for headaches and woman problems. :-) Anyway...it was terrible. My stomach blew up and I was almost doubled over from gassy crampiness.

So okay. W30 is on to something with the whole nsaids-are-evil thing.

Re-intro'd this morning with some kerrygold in my bulletproof coffee. And omg. There is kind of no comparison between BP w/ butter and BP with ghee. It's so good.

I'll write up a post-mortem "success-ish" post for that board because, I do feel like it was successful on some level. Hey! I made it 30 days. And the scale...surprised me.

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