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Salmon with coconut milk


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I was just searching recipes and found this one that looks Whole 30 compliant, I'm gonna try it this weekend. Baked Salmon in Lime

NICE! Don't know what fish sauce is, but I could just sub that with melted ghee.

I had salmon with coconut milk last night, I just tossed them together with some cumin and curry powder. It was ok, at least it wasn't a total disaster, ha

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Fish sauce is not a fat. It is amazing stuff but a little hard to find compliant. You can get Red Boat at Amazon. Coconut Aminos would make a better substitute.

I have been trying to eat salmon twice a week. Definitely adding this recipe. It sounds awesome.

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Ooh yeah, got a good one, very little to do too;

Preheat oven to 180deg C

Salmon fillets in casserole dish, throw in some sliced cherry tomatoes & fresh dill & season well.

Squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

spinach ontop ad throw a can of coconut milk over that.

Grate some carrot & what ever else you like basically, we use sweet potato, over the top

Wack it in the oven for around 20mins.


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