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Summer squash soup recipe?


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I have lots of summer squash that I got from a farmers market. I'm not really all that big on squash, especially when eaten in chunks.

Now I want to find a recipe where I can puree the squash into a soup, and I think I will like squash better this way.

Using the following items, what recipe should I use?

- summer (yellow) squash

- carrots

- coconut milk

- whatever seasoning (I have lots)

- other items I might need to get from the store

Thanks a million! If I get good responses, I'll make some puree squash soup over the weekend.

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Hmmmm. . . I've never tried to puree summer squash in a soup. That sounds intriguing. I fell in love with this soup after I made it and I'm guessing you could sub the summer squash for the cauliflower:


I also have a butter chicken sauce that I make that is compliant and tastes just like the yummy stuff from a local Indian Restaurant nearby that I sometimes thin out and add lots of finely diced veggies (carrots, zuchinni, summer squash) to and call a soup. So filling and a super easy and tasty way to get some veggies in!

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