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chia seeds

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I've never heard of them being added to Kombucha but yes chia seeds are compliant but not encouraged. Here's a quote from Melissa herself about them

"The short answer: chia is not encouraged in general, but fine for your Whole30.

The long answer: I'm actually regretting classifying this as a pseudo-cereal in It Starts With Food - we will probably edit this out in the next edition. Mat Lalonde calls it a pseudo-cereal, Robb Wolf says it's not necessarily health food but probably not problematic, and Mark Sisson classifies it as pretty much the same as flax and hemp seed.

We've always taken the Sisson approach - because of the nutrient profile, we believe it falls more into the flax/hemp category than the buckwheat/quinoa category. Those foods - flax, hemp, and chia - are not encouraged because of their particular fatty acid profile, but they are highly unlikely to be problematic in the same way other grains are during your Whole30. Therefore, they're in - not encouraged, but not banned."

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