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Tracy's Whole30


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So, today I completed day seven of my Whole30 (well, yesterday actually. I'm writing this after midnight) so I wanted to write my thoughts on my experience so far.

I have to admit that I weighed myself this morning, though I did make it a week before weighing, which is pretty good for me! And I have actually gained 2pounds :( However, I think I have been eating too much fruit and starch, so I re-evaluated and I today I did better. When I say I've been eating too much fruit, don't get me wrong. I am eating far less fruit than I usually do...but I was eating about a cup of berries with a dollop of coconut cream on it or an apple with a couple tablespoons of raisins caramelized in coconut oil and cinnamon topped with a dollop of coconut cream, or a coconut water/milk based smoothie with raw cacao powder and almond butter with a banana in it, etc...not all in one day, of course! But one such treat per day. Like many here, sweet is my big demon! I am VERY familiar with clean eating, low-carb, raw foods lifestyles. But this is the first time EVER for me that I have had to completely eliminate ALL sweets of any kind from my diet, and that's kind of tough. No artificial sweetener OR stevia or even dates or raisins for sweetener. So, I am finding that to be my greatest challenge. I also was eating a yam or sweet potato each day for the first 3 or 4 days and was having quite a bit of joint pain. I haven't had them for the past 3 days now and the joint pain is essentially gone!

Today I had no fruit at all, no yams, sweet potatoes, or even nuts except a small amount of homemade raw almond milk in my coffee an I feel better than I have all week tonight.

I have no doubt I can and will do the full 30 days successfully...and beyond. It's just a matter of refinement for me. I have discovered Paleo is the nutritional lifestyle for my body, so I am committed to the long term. But I'm sure I will reintroduce stevia and natural fruit sweeteners after the 30 days.

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