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I did it! First Whole 30 is done!


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I can't believe how quickly these last 30 days went by! I thought for sure they would drag. I managed to not cheat at all even with several picnics and my job as a baker! It did take some extra planning though.

The good:

my skin looks amazing. I have Rosacea and it is much clearer. No breakouts, not even my monthly pimple!

I have energy to spare

I have broken my sweet ending habit at dinner.I managed without a nighly piece of dark chocolate.

My muscles recover quickly

I attended my first Zumba class and was able to keep up and not die!!

I lost 1.5 inches from my waist, 1" from my hips

I made the transition to a smaller size in some pieces of clothing!

I learned so much about my food intake and how it effects me.

I'm eating a ton more veg than I was before.

ISWC arrived soon after I started and was immensely helpful!

The less good

I only lost 5.5 pounds~I thought for sure I was down closer to 10!! This isn't any better than I've done recently on my normal Paleo plan. I know it's not supposed to be about the number on the scale, but I have a lot of weight to lose and was really hoping this was going to help me get rid of it a little faster. I journaled most of my eating. I'm seeing sweet potatoes most days and too many nuts on quite a few also. I've been eating more fruit than normal because it's in season, but it's such a short period of time, I hate to give up the fruit. I do wonder if the sweet potatoes are adding too much carb for quicker weightloss.

My stomach was not always happy which surprised me since I've been on a paleo plan for 6 months now.

I was a little moodier than I have been on the Paleo plan. The added stress of figuring out what to eat could make me cranky. I also had a minor bout of mild depression. I can't say for sure it was my eating as I also discovered the value of my house has plummeted and I wanted to sell. :(

In conclusion, I am SO GLAD I did this! I am more aware of areas I still need to work on and starting from a clean slate will make that process easier. I feel more in control of my eating than I ever have and that is a huge accomplishment.

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Congratulations, Jonalynn!

Your "goods" were fantastic - so much change made in just 30 days!

I would caution you, too, not to rely too much on what your scale says. The first time I did a paleo challenge (not exactly Whole30, but close) I only lost 0.4 lbs, but I lost 3 pant sizes. If it feels like 10 then celebrate like it!

Great job!

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That is good to hear - I am still in the planning stage (will start in a couple of days when I finish this open bottle of wine ;-) ).

I have rosacea, too, and am searching for a cure (other than oral antibiotics, which I am trying to avoid!).

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Thanks for sharing your story! That's a lot of good to happen in just 30 days. It sounds like you have the skills you need to keep progressing. And... WOW! You're a baker? Being in control of your eating is an understatement! I'm not sure how would do in that position. You've done great!!

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