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The "V" Whole 30 (a week late..)


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So this is actually week 2 for me. Week 1 was actually ok for me bar the tiny drop of stevia & half scoop of pre-workout powder i succumbed to prior to a Tough Mudder training session...

Why have I decided to keep a log? (after a week yes i know) Well, I've just read my Whole30 daily and I decided i want 100% out of this - no half-arsed efforts for half-arsed results! This log will keep me accountable. A little background about me - I'm named after Venice but it becomes too long to say so often i'm nicknamed "V" (hence the V Whole 30). I've also had quite the history with digestive issues esp. bloating which is why doing the Whole30 is important for me. I'll be upfront though, my nutrition coach recommended me doing this is as well as a step towards my long term goal of getting leaner - said my digestion issues have to be sorted out first.

My biggest issues so far that I am battling is the no or minimise the snacking :( I followed bodybuilder style eating prior (i.e. eat 5- 6 meals a day). Also, in the past few days I have wanted to reach out for something sweet other than fruit. So, with the former i'm starting to realise my main meals are not as laden with fat as they should be and the latter - i just have to be strong and break the emotional ties I had with froyo and dark chocolate...

So begins my first day of logging in (albeit a little late!).


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Days you workout should make not snacking easier because you would be eating 5 meals when you count the three main meals and the pre- and post-workout meals. On days you are not working out, you might want to try eating 4 meals until you get the hang of eating enough at 3 to be comfortable.

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Mid week 2 (Australia's a little ahead time wise) and I'm still hungry but i'm happy enough to eat nothing packed in a box with 500+ ingredients. Phew. I did find I am eating more protein than I planned and really, really sick of eating of eggs :/

On the agenda before Week 3 rolls in will be to better budget for groceries! I believe buying free range chicken and grass fed beef whenever I can - it's just a little painful how expensive the grocery bills add up.... Roo mine appears to be the cheapest (quality) form of protein and I will have to source out the next to cheapest form of protein - I'll be cooking up a storm this week to make sure I don't go hungry!!

I have to admit it feels a little odd not to down my protein shakes pre/post workout. But having said that, i'm enjoying the sensations of having real food every single day. I've started bookmarking recipes that i'm dying to try out (budget permitting) and today at the city farmer's markets, i got a thrill seeing fresh fruits and vegetables :D

My digestion issues seem to have subsided although not all completely gone (will be looking into further gut-healing protocols).

Going good :)

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Week 3...and i confess - i miss my sweet treats :(

Not even the "bad" stuff but having stevia to have with coffee and tea, and to bake with (oh how i miss it!). I'm being very strong here but I won't deny that it hasn't been all easy..

I've realised having one too many nuts has not done any favours to my waistline and i'm keeping a closer eye on those. Instead, I've gotten hold of more Whole30 friendly recipes to steer me the right way. I'm halfway there and I really don't want to finish this feeling dissapointed with myself.

Plus points - my skin is *glowing* :D , I sleep even better and I savour my meals mindfully - i really try not to rush my meals (since i've going to do my best to drop my snacks) and it's been really enjoyable.

Halfway there!

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Coming to Week 4!

Confession: I think I went a little too heavy on the fats last week. None of clothes are any looser :(

But, i have been Whole30 compliant the rest of the time regardless so I am carrying on - this time with a closer eye on my fats. I've had to (temporarily) divorce my jar of nut butter and coconut milk. Every other form of fat is harder (for me) to tolerate in high doses (thankfully!).

I went out on a limb and made the famous meat loaf lurking in forum (sorry can't remember link!). Tweaked it according to what I had available in the pantry and voila! Delish meat loaf with no trace of artificial baddies :D

I haven't had a chance to track my diet as closely as i'd like or posted on forums (or even spiff up my profile goddamit!) as work has been really stressful. My sleep has been my only reprieve and I've settled for a really quiet weekend to recover from the week.

I'm set for my last week of the Whole30 challenge and it's funny - I feel it's only in the third week that certain things have just clicked in my head, and the habit of expanding my Whole30-friendly meals has only started.... I'm not going to lie - I miss stevia and as well as the convenience of protein powders. So I will be enjoying the return of these :P

But I have a feeling now that I've just recently become the proud owner of a couple Paleo recipe books and found more like-minded people who support the Paleo lifestyle, my Paleo journey is set to grow :)

(Getting excited for the opening of couple local Paleo cafes woo hoo!)

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Congrats on making it to the 4th week. That's great.

The first few days I ate a few too many nuts and had to pry my little hand out of the bag. I think I feel better without them unless it's just a few sprinkled over green beans etc.

I do sometimes have a fleeting thought about 1 square of dark chocolate, but it seems to go as quickly as it came.

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