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First Whole30 completed whoop :-)


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Hi all,

I completed my first whole 30 on the of 28th of April and I have decided to continue. I want to keep at it as the changes to my body and my mind have been amazing. I have found it surprisingly easy and the people round me have been supportive or have just left me too it. I would like to start re-introducing foods to see which will have the effect but as I am not craving anything yet I am reluctant to do so. Don't want to be faced with a social event that I can't get out of and eat the wrong things or make the wrong choices.

I will blog what I have to eat as i feel that i can be a bit more adventurous now and mix things up a bit.

Happy eating everyone!

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So today,

Very busy morning meetings and finally handed in my paperwork whoooooop x

Meal 1: late due to meetings and working flat out - 2 eggs, 2 bacon mushrooms and tomatoes cooked in coconut oil

Meal 2: salmon cooked in coconut oil salad with an orange and cashew nuts

Meal 3: balsamic vinegar olive oil coated pork with leeks and roasted parsnips, carrots, onion and swede

2 pieces of banana bread ( yes I know the whole swypa analogy) but I just wanted to see I had the breaks and I could just have a few pieces and not eat the lot. I wanted to test how I was with something different. I won't be making it all the time and would rather eat that than someone's birthday cake.

No exercise today and had a sore throat again. Thinking the balsamic vinegar must have some nasties in it.

Let me know how you all got on :-) happy eating everyone x

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Today was day 34. It went well. Tried Chipotle for the first time. It was good. But tasted a bit chemical. I wonder if that is how processed things are going to taste from now on.

This is what I ate.

1: eggs, sausage, sweet potato, coconut milk, coffee

2: 1/2 chipolte salad: carnitas, lettuce, salsa, onions, peppers, guac, 5 dried apricots

3: 1/2 chipolte salad: carnitas, lettuce, salsa, onions, peppers, guac, orange

Happy eating!!

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Felt so tired today. There is another thread about a sugar dragon and that's how I felt as soon as I stopped I felt like I couldn't get enough fruit no rubbish just fruit!

I slept in the afternoon and I can only think it was down to the sugar although I have been so busy or the last 4 days preparing parper work it could be that? X

Today I ate

Meal 1: omelette with some bacon and onions

Meal 2: pork with salad wired combination but with an apple it was good.

I have also have 2 small pieces of banana cake. Not the same as when I first made it and felt like I wanted to eat it all. I am off house sitting for 3 weeks away from friends and family. Will hopefully see people on the weekends but am pretty much going it alone!! Eek my concerns are eating too little or too much. Am sure I will work it out :-) starting properly again on Thursday with exercise. food meaning limited fruit and stuff like bacon cut out completely. Clean again really clean! Must read through the book again.

Happy eating everyone :-)

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Hedgehog8 - need to find that thread about the sugar dragon. I made tostones tonight. And I just ate 4 really fast plus some more later - not sweet at all - but it make be a no-breaks food for me. I hate that. I'm watching my fruit too. I'm sorry you're going it alone. Hang in there.

This is what I ate:

1: turkey sausage, eggs, kale, sweet potato, tea, coconut milk

2: lunch out at hilltop: burger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, some mustard greens

3: 2 slices apple, 1 grape

4: 1/2 plantain (homemade tostones), chicken, broccoli, 1 strawberry, tea, coconut milk

Happy eating!!!!

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Phew my sister is all packed and ready to go to Hawaii. I will be cat sitting for 3 weeks. I checked out a crossfit place today and think I am going to start with the fundamentals.

Food today

Meal 1: mackerel fillets and salad

Meal 2: chicken and sweet potato and swede mash with roasted peppers and leeks

Meal 3: omelette bacon and salad

3 oranges cashew nuts and banana bread

Tomorrow start exercising and not to eat any of the foods to limit

Hope everyone has had a good day. Happy eating everyone :-) x

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Hedgehog8 - Sounds like a good day. I'd love to go to Hawaii! Especially for 3 weeks.

This is what I ate:

1:turkey sausage, eggs, kale, sweet potato, tea, coconut milk

2: Chicken

3: Ground beef, lettuce, cabbage, salsa, avocado

Wednesdays are rough. I don't eat Meal 1 till 11 or 12. I work out at 9:45 and I cannot seem to get up early enough to eat in time (I'd have to eat at 5:30 or so) Oh well.

Have a good day tomorrow

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Dropped my sister off at the airport at 5 today. Very tired day but managed to do an exercise DVD for 20 mins. Have been wanting to snack and snack oh and did I mention I wanted to snack. Not sure why. Think my body clock must have been all out of sync.

Today I ate,

Meal 1: tomatoes bacon and eggs ( I know I said no bacon but am really using it up as there isn't much food in and I don't want it wasted)

Meal 2: cashew nuts and raisins and 2 oranges - snacking I also fell asleep over dinner time

Meal 3 roasted vegetables and tuna

Tomorrow I need to do some well needed house work and get some good food in.

Happy eating everyone x

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Spent most of the day running around. Did not eat 3 good meals. Ended up being very hungry tonight.

1: chicken, coffee, coconut milk

2: eggs, sausage, sweet potato, kale

3: banana

4: ground meat, avocado, lettuce, cabbage, salsa, coconut milk, 4 dried apricots, almonds

Have a good tomorrow.

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Have been tired today unjustifiably so? Not really sure why? Have I been doing it too long?

Meal 1: bacon eggs and mushrooms

Meal 2: fruit coulnt eat anything else

Meal 3: salad with chicken almonds and peaches which was yummy

Off to bed. Done nothing all day and had to sleep again in the afternoon. What's going on?

How's everyone else feeling? Almcc let me know if you're ok or in a bit ofa slump


Happy eating!

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Hefgehog8- sorry about your exhaustion. I have felt that way too - today I felt so bad. But this evening I'm starting to feel better. I know that when I do not get enough sleep (8 hrs) I am exhausted during the day. I'm also cutting out coffee starting today. And may look at doing AIP for a week to see if that helps. I'm also going to try to eat more.

Do you think there is anything causing it?

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This is what I ate:

1: eggs, sausage, kale, sweet potato, coconut milk, tea

2: tuna, avocado, olives, carrots

3: Five Guys hamburger (no bun), lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, avocado, banana

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Hi almcc,

No I don't think so I haven't done anything differently so not sure what's going on. Found it hard to motivate myself today and made a conscious effort to eat more. Perhaps that's it?

So today I had

Meal 1: omelette with peppers and tomatoes and blueberries

Meal 2: chicken and peaches and salad

Meal 3: I made salmon patties and they were lovely made 4 and ate them all! Eeeek I made half the amount it said in the mark sissons book and it only worked out one small onion and a can of salmon so it's not that bad. It's just when you say 4 it sounds bad :-) but they were good. Definitely going to have a go at them again. With roasted vegetables. I tried roasting a cabbage also.

I have had lots of cravings is week more than I ever have even when on the whole30 first time round. Have you tried to introduce anything yet? I am thinking of trying cheese when I see my friend next as we both love cheese. Also I love ice cream but not keen on trying anything else. Not to eat all the time just as a one off but that's sugar and dairy. Not sure how that will work. People say to keep it all seperate but I don't crave a handful of sweets. If I can have one lot of cheese and bread with ice cream that will do me. Thing is I want to introduce stuff but feel like i would go off the rails. not sure how good it is to stay on whole 30? Have lots of things going through my head. Think it's because I don't feel great?

Ok have waffled on for too long. Hope you are well and less tired.

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Hedgehog8 - I have not finished thinking about reintroductions. This next week is hard - 2 birthdays. My plan is to make it to 66 days then start reintroducing. I'd like to reintroduce them all - except for sugar. I think that is what would send me off the rails. And I don't know about grains. My cravings have been for savory things like bread and fries.

I hope you can enjoy/tolerate the dairy.

Have posted something in the troubleshooting area about how you feel. That might be helpful.

Today I'm not tired. And I went too long between meals. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

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This is what I ate:

1: eggs, spinach, sausage, tomatoes, sweet potato, tea, coconut milk

2: chicken, artichoke

3: chicken, artichoke, carrots, olives, 1/2 apple with sun butter

Happy Eating!

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Yesterday I didn't manag to post as to be honest I didn't know what to write. I managed to get out and about going for a walk round the lake and felt I had some good meals. I had to consciously set my alarm to eat every 4-5 hours and grabbed a handful of nuts and dried fruit as I really fancied something sweet and had no fruit :-( I did feel better physically and didn't sleep in the afternoon although mentally my head felt a bit full! I hink its hard to cook and be away from your friends folks and family. Today I feel much better already and the sun is shining to celebrate whoop!

Yesterday I ate

Meal 1: sardines inntomatoe sauce with onions and mushrooms

Meal 2: salmon Fillet with salad

Had the other salmon fillet at 6 making sure i ate every 4-5 hours

Meal 3: chicken in tomatoes with olives, vegetables and sweet potato

Plan today is to get the house fettled at least one room and to get out in the sunshine :-)

Happy eating everyone xxx

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Hedgehog - The lake walk sounds wonderful. Setting an alarm sounds like a good plan. I hope eating on schedule helps today, too.

What does fettled mean?

Yesterday I was too tired to post - we went out for birthday dinner. I ordered everything to be cooked the right way - but today I feel icky - like they added a little something noncompliant here and there. This is what I ate:

1: eggs, bacon, sweet potato (out of kale)

2: chicken, olives - not so great

3: steak, sweet potato, asparagus, apple, sunbutter

Today I am going to cook a bunch. And organize the fridge.

Happy eating.

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Got a lot done today but only ate 2x. I have to make some HB eggs to take with me.

I made cod tonight. It was really good. Just used olive oil, garlic, ground almonds, lemon and capers. What new things are you trying this week?

This is what I ate:

1: eggs, spinach, sausage, sweet potato, coconut milk, coffee

2: cod, broccoli, orange

Happy eating.

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Hi. I can't believe that I am almost 2 days behind. Fettled means sorted out - sorry :-)

So this was Monday food:

Meal 1: sweet potato with 2 eggs

Meal 2: sweet potato with chicken and olives in tomatoes

The sugar dragon was after me today. I made banana bread but it didn't turn out :-( errrr still ate it though ( oops )

Meal 3: you know I can't remember. But I know I had blue berries, raspberries and a banana

Not happy with this food today but I didn't sleep in the afternoon so eating every 4-5 hours is definitely working.

Meal 1: can't remember this either but I am sure it will come back to me. I want to say eggs, it's been a long day :-)

Meal 2: salmon patties salad with a banana and almonds

Meal 3: chicken sweet potato and lettuce

I did cross fit today and am going to go back on Thursday :-) I'm aching already. Ouch for tomorrow. I can't BELIVE I am on day 41! Am going to try some cheese this weekend so watch this space.

Hope you've had a good day and happy eating.

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Cheese!!!! Woohoo! I hope it's wonderful.

I'm glad eating regularly is helping. I think eating regularly affects a lot.

Day 41!!! Congratulations.

It is day 42 for me. I am starting to want to go off the plan. But I need to hold out. Today was a blur. The rest of the week will be calmer. I'm looking forward to that. I'm not good at eating on time when I'm very busy.

This is what I ate:

1: egg, ground pork, ghee, sweet potato, spinach

2: chicken, carrots, olives, artichoke heart

3: compliant kielbasa, tomato,green beans, apple, sunbutter

Hope you have a great night. Happy eating!!

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I'm a day behind. I can't remember what I ate yesterday. But it was compliant. My new fave is cauliflower with ghee. Yum.

Today I had a good eating day. I ate out and I did well choosing.

So this is what I ate.

1: eggs, pork, sweet potato, spinach, tea, coconut milk

2: chicken, green beans

3: 1/2 apple, sunbutter

4: turkey loaf, cauliflower, avocado, tea, coconut milk.

Happy eating.

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And a day behind again. Have been busy tidying and sorting again. I went to cross fit yesterday and it was a killer but no running again just weights. I prefer that to the cardio I think. Next session is on Tuesday so have plenty of rest days inbetween.

Well try and remember what I had to eat on Wednesday.

Meal 1: omelette can't remember what with that awful right? Maybe chicken?

Meal 2: chicken and tomatoes sandwich in a roll. Yep I tried something new. I just fancied some white bread but let's just say I wish I hadn't. I felt as if I got heart burn almost straight away after I had eaten followed by not heart palpitations but something's going on and got that on Thursday too. I also feel more blocked up toilet wise. Don't think bread agrees with me lets say - oh and bloating I got that too.

Meal 3: blue berries banana and I know I had a meal here but not sure what? It may have been tuna?


Meal 1 - scrambled eggs onions and blue berries

Meal 2 salmon patties - I am loving these. With salad.

Meal 3 sweet potatoe and tuna pre workout

Post work out - tuna and nuts

Ok. I must write at the end of today. Going back home for the weekend hence the reason I am up at 4:30a.m wondering whether its too early to get up? At least I will miss the early morning traffic.

Happy eating :-)

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Hi hi.

Yesterday was great. I had a friend visit who is doing a whole 30. It was so so nice to not worry about finding food that works for everyone. Plus we got to talk about how it is going.

So this is what I ate.

1: eggs, pork, sweet potato, spinach, tea, coconut milk

2: chicken, avocado, orange

4: chipotle salad: carnitas,salsa, lettuce, guac

I am out of town today. So I'm going to pack food today.

Happy eating.

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