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First Whole30 completed whoop :-)


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I got home safe- thanks very much :-) I am pleased that you had fun with your friend. Much easier when you can eat the same and don't have to explain stuff.

Yesterday I ate:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs and onion

Meal 2: bacon eggs and tomatoes

Meal 3: salmon patties with salad

I also forgot to mention I was a bit anxious and worried for the first time in a while. The only thing I changed was the breadon Wednesday. Also ot being able to sleep. All that's from a bread roll!

Today I ate

Meal 1: salmon patties

Meal 2: bacon eggs and tomatoes

Meal 3: chilli which was yummy - with cauliflower rice

This morning I did body combat and Zumba. Rest day tomorrow I think.

Happy eating :-) xxx

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Sorry about the bread roll. Are you going to try it again?

I had a snacky day. I don't know what triggered it. But the day ended ok. And I'm really happy I am still eating compliantly - couldn't eat just anything. So in the end it was much better than before. But I still have some habits to work on.

This is what I ate.

1: sweet potato, egg, beef, kale, coconut milk, coffee

2: chicken

3: apple, sunbutter, almonds

4: steak, butternut squash, cauliflower, zucchini, coconut milk, tea

Happy eating.

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Today was a better day.

This is what I ate:

1: eggs, ground meat, sweet potato, kale, coconut milk, coffee

2: ground meat, lettuce, avocado, salsa, coconut milk, zucchini, cauliflower, coconut flakes

3: chicken, green beans, sweet potato, 1/2 banana

Happy eating.

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Yesterday was a weird eating day - I ate what I wanted which was too much bacon and I ate when I was not hungry. Feeling ok this morning. But I am going back to 3 a day. I'm off to the big city! I hope you have a great day!!

1: eggs, bacon, sweet potato, kale, coconut milk, coffee

2: leftover Meal 1, tomato, guac

3: pulled pork, banana

4: beets, spinach, few pecans

5: 1/2 banana, sunbutter

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Hi almcc,

So sorry that I haven't written. This is goong to be a bit long. I was busy at home and then have continued to be but you're so good with the posts it's spurred me on to write again.

So I haven't been off roading or anything. I didn't try the white bread again. I'd Say another symptom was my skin flared up all under my chin with Acne. It had been looking so much better.

I tried seeded whole meal yesterday and apart from the occasional gas that has been fine. I went to the sea today in the rain for a walk and then had a picnic with cheese. I love cheese but only needed 2 little bits till my craving was gone. I had bread again with butter and no effect straight after like with the white. I don't intend to eat this everyday and next week from Sunday I will be goin whole 30 strict again. I think part of my issue before was to have something "cheat wise" and then I would continue as I would get a taste for it and then pull back but this is definitely not happening. I can have a small bit of something new I am consciously asking myself haste craving gone and if so I don't eat anymore.

I have been eating a combination of the meals that I have already listed especially bacon eggs and tomatoes and mushrooms at my mums, lots of salmon patties as I can have them cold and have made a chilli which was very successful trying very very lean mince for the first time. That was the closest to quorn meat wise I have had since being a vegetarian before the whole 30 began.

Today I had

Meal 1: giant cap mushrooms with eggs

Meal 2: patties and banana cake

Meal 3: 2 pieces if cheese 2 slices of bread with butter

I am mainly reintroducing food so I can know what has te effect when I am met by choices at social functions. Still lots to try but I want to continue on the weight loss and feeling well.

I am still managing to do cross fit on a Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday I did a body combat followed by Zumba and felt fine. People started to notice my shape was changing and asking what I was doing. It's good to talk about the whole30 it starts with food. Hen I get back after the 25th my parents want to do it so looking forward to the challenge that brings.

Thanks again for containing to post. I will be back on it now.

Happy eating and have a good day :-)

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Hi hi!!

So glad you are back and so glad things are going well for you. Especially the lack of cravings after eating something new. That's huge!!!

And your parents starting - wow!! That will be great. My DD is going to start again after the 26th. She lasted 3 days and then the stress of exams got in the way.

I am at day 60 on 5/25 and will be continuing - not sure how long - so if it works to keep supporting each other here, that would be great. I think I will be doing some reintroductions before the end of June.

Did you like the chili with ground beef? We used to eat the Quorn products all the time. They started to bother my stomach though.

I hate to admit it but I love that people are noticing. :)

Have a good night!

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This is what I ate:

1: ground meat, sweet potato, kale, coconut oil, coffee, coconut milk

2: chicken, olives,carrots, cherries

3: chicken, lettuce, olives, avocado, sweet potato, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, tea, coconut milk

Happy eating!!

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Yes it would be good to go through things together. I have been doing t great 50 days

Yes I liked the chilli and ground beef and will be making more this weekend.

Meal 1: bread and 2 eggs

Meal 2: cheese mature cheddar with bread- whole meal with cranberries and orange and pumpkin seeds. I got heart burn straight away - definitely the bread.

I went to the sea and the new forest and walked about 6 miles in total and then went to cross fit.

Meal 3: 2 pork chops! I was really hungry should have had a pre work out meal really.

So far. Seeded bread is ok and dairy seems fine.

Will not have anymore re introductions for a while xxx

Happy eating xxx

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I drove back from my sisters again yesterday to see my folks again and pets before I do the last week at my sisters before I pick them up from the airport. I had omelette for breakfast and then salmon patties. I made a big batch of chilli for tea and mixed mustard into the cauliflower rice for an extra kick. It worked a treat. I have also been eating too much dried food especially dates which is terrible and also other fruit. Same today. I had chilli for tea.

I am definitely going whole7 from tomorrow and am going to attempt to cut out all fruit, nuts any paelo-isms like banana bread and coffee. No more introductions either.

Hope you're doing ok and feeling a bit better.

Happy eating!


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Did you get my weird message?? Lol. Odd last few days.

You'll have to write and let us know if the Whole7 makes you feel different. Ive noticed that 3 days into the AIP my knee doesn't hurt - it'll be interesting if it's one of the things I've given up. Eggs, peppers, nuts, tomatoes. I suspect nuts.

This is what I ate:

1: 1 bacon, ground pork, sweet potato, spinach, decaf/cm

2: chicken, strawberries, cauliflower

3: steak, broccoli, sweet potato, avocado, tea/cm

Happy eating.

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Today I did reintroductions after my AIP. Not sure. Not sure how it's going. I think the almond meal is a problem. It was a test.

1: sweet potato, ghee, pork, power greens,banana

2: chicken, carrots, sweet potato

3: pork chop with almond meal, sweet potato, salad, oil, vinegar

Hope you had a good day.

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I did get your messages I got the jist of them :-)

Sunday - came down to my sisters again. A bit bored already. Can't recall what I ate. I had a coffee in the morning. Omelette with left over chilli. Left over curry with banana. Can't remember what I had for meal 3

Monday - I had lots of food too much snackin and tried wholemeal bread. It's still bad with the heart burn and I also had a really fuzzy head.

Tuesday - bacon eggs tomatoes and mandarin segments

Tuna sweet potato salad and apple

I am still having fruit but trying to combine it with my meals. Last time I had coffee was Sunday and am not struggling at all with that. I haven't had nuts either :-) I really would like to lose more weight.

I have started swimming in the mornin from today and will do cross fit on Tuesday and Thursday.

How did your reintroductions go? Any bad effects?

Happy eating :-)

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Sorry about the wholemeal bread. Yay for no nuts. I think I am going nut free after last nights reintro.

I reintroduced Ghee and almond meal yesterday. The ghee made my stomach a little queasy. Mild and lasted about an hour. The almond meal -I'm assuming- gave me stomach pains.

Today I reintroduced eggs and tomatoes and peppers. I ate:

1: banana, coffee, coconut milk (no protein/veg - ran out the door - it caused cravings later -- but not too bad)

2: eggs, bacon, kale, sweet potato

3: Ate out: chicken, guac, tomatoes, grilled onions, lettuce

The eggs this afternoon seemed to go ok. Just finished dinner and still doing ok. A good experiment so far.

When does your sister get back?

Happy Eating!

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My sister gets back on Saturday really early and I will be picking her up from Heathrow. She sent me messages and videos about swimming with the turtles and last night she did a night snorkel with Manta rays very jealous.

I did cross fit last night again and it was a killer. I walked a mile and swam the same then a 3 mile walk back via the shops then have just done bokwa. Not surprising I am aching like mad - OUCH!

I am trying to make more exciting - different meals.

Meal 1- omelette with tuna and avocado with tomatoes

Meal 2- peaches with turkey x 2

Meal 3 - chilli with sweet potatoes

I made a frittata tonight with mince, onions and grated sweet potato. Have tried some and it tastes ok.

I will have this for breakfast tomorrow.

I don't know how you coped without eggs?

I need to get the washing in. I am getting all her and her husbands washing and ironing done by the time they get back.

Happy eating :-)

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You are a good sister. : )

No eggs - I don't crave them but I miss them.

Wacky eating day. Cooked a good breakfast only to realize the pork was bad. After that I just couldn't be bothered cooking. Then I ended up going out to a restaurant with a friend and all I could eat was the guacamole. Tomorrow will be better.

1: chicken, carrots

2: pork chop, apple

3: guac, lettuce

Have a good day!! Happy happy eating.

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Missed yesterday getting everything done in the house- last minute bits and bobs.

My sis called early this morning and her flight has been delayed so they get to spend an extra night in Hawaii in a posh hotel overlooking the sea with all the food they can eat. How lucky :-)

Yesterday I did cross fit again and am going again tonight for the last time. It's such a great group of people.

I had the frittata for meal 1 today and yesterday

I finished off the chilli and had that yesterday and today.

I had turkey and salad with tomatoes and mussels for meal 2 yesterday and planning on eating tuna today with salad and sweet potato.

Have stayed off the coffee and nuts this week and haven't had fruit for 2 days - this is my third day.

I will be getting weighed again on Monday as it will be day 61!

Happy eating! X :-) X

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Hedgehog8 - oooh I wish I got perks when my flight is delayed!! I bet they are going to love an extra night.

Yay - do you feel differently without the fruits, nuts, and coffee?

Today is day 59. It's a busy weekend. Will cook a bunch tomorrow to have on hand. Tired though. I hope that changes.

Happy eating.

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hope youre feeling less tired soon.

I don't think I do feel any different I just think I have more control and the cravings and wanting to eat fruit and nuts all the time have gone. Maybe i thought i was sleeping better and dripping off quicker but that didnt happen last night.

I got some fruit today to see if there were any changes and I am so annoyed that I bought normal salmon and it has Demerara sugar in it!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH! I don't have a lot of money at the moment and opened it up so will have to put it down as a sugar reintroduction

Will let you know if there is any effect. X

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Hi - oooh that is terrible about the salmon. I hate that sugar is hidden everywhere.

Yesterday was day 60. Went to the catered dinner for my DD graduation. Did not go prepared and found that all I could eat was green beans. Was truly hungry and ate 1 small bit of potato. Am mad at myself. So now I am doing a W59+41. It was a good learning - I have to be prepared.

Those results - no cravings and better seep are fabulous. I hope there is no sugar effect.


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Sorry to hear that there was no food it's awful when you're not prepared and things catch you off guard!

No effect with sugar! Does that mean I can eat ice cream now he he he. I doubt it!

My sister got stuck in Hawaii and in LA so she was shattered when she got back. Her and her husband loved the house, the organising I did and the tidying and it takes a load off. They are so busy with jobs and basketball that they don't always get chance and life takes over but they assure me they will try and make a habit of c

Earning. I hope so for their sake :-)

I got weighed today. I have lost 8lb and lots of inches. Having been away people are really starting to notice. My next door neighbour said I looked trim... Whoop. Have been teaching my parents about it and they seem up for it. I will be making them meals though so they can stick to it and it will hopefully help.

Ok food - am 3 whole days behind.

Saturday -

Meal 1: bacon, eggs and tomatoes

Meal 2: salmon and roasted vegetable - left from yesterday

Meal 3: tuna and salad and sweet potato


Meal 1: bacon and eggs

Meal 2: tuna and salad and sweet potato

Meal 3 salad and salmon

Monday - it's bank holiday here and I forgot to buy food - be prepared for me too

Meal 1: bacon eggs and tomatoes....... Once this bacon has gone tomorro I won't be buying anymore

Meal 2: sweet potato tuna and salad - pineapple and melon

Meal 3 : terrible but just banana cake

Am gonna have a more relaxed version of the whole 30 which means some bread and then whole 30 and I would like some ice cream before I start again.

Hope you're ok and you have had more good food today. Happy eating! X

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