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Laura's July Whole 30 (maybe 31) :)

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Day 1!

I haven't gone to the grocery store yet. I did inventory my freezer, though, so I know what veggies and meats I have in there.

Breakfast: can of salmon, can of black olives

I have an egg sensitivity, I think, and I couldn't face eggs this morning. I need bacon or some other meat to balance them out or I'm nauseated for hours.



Going to go see Magic Mike tonight with girlfriends. The theater serves food and beer, but it's a late movie. I plan on getting a soda water with lime or a pellegrino mineral water. Hopefully, I can get to the grocery store today or early tomorrow. I have a skirt steak thawing in the refrigerator for lunch and/or dinner. I plan on getting a chicken to roast, maybe 2, a beef roast, some ground pork and chicken to make patties for breakfasts (my kids aren't big egg fans, either), and some ground beef to cook up with some onions and garlic. When ready to eat it, add spices and insta-meal! :) For veggies, I'm getting salad stuff and some spaghetti squash and butternut squash. Some spinach.

How I feel: slightly head-achey, but I'm very tired. About to go take a nap. Muscles ache a bit from over-exertion a few days ago.

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