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Whole 30 Pre and Post workout meals

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Hi there.

My husband and I are getting ready to start the Whole 30 Program and are very excited. I am not sure on one thing and would like to get some clarification.

I understand that the program is very clear on eating only 3 meals per day and that works well for us. There is another section, however, that talks about pre and post workout meals and I'm not sure how this works.

An outline of our day is as follows:

5:30 am - crossfit with 30 minute jog before hand( 3X per week) or 30 minute cross training(3X per week).

7am - breakfast and then off to work

noon - lunch

6pm - dinner at home

Is this acceptable? Should we be also having a pre workout meal of some sort, push breakfast off and have a Post workout meal and then still have the other meals a little later in the day? I feel like the plan is very specific in saying only three meals and no snacking throughout the day so I'd love some clarification from the Whole 30 experts as I am certainly not one yet (but hope to be one day!)

Thanks so much for your time!

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Hi bambunn!

3 meals a day are ideal, yes, but it make take folks some time to get there. That's okay.

You may or may not want to have a pre-workout snack, depending on your stomach at that time of morning. Many early morning folks grab a hard boiled egg or a hand full of nuts pre-workout. Remember, what you eat doesn't fuel your workout - it just lets your body know it's okay to release some energy.

Within 30 minutes of working out, you'll want starchy veggies and lean protein. Your body will use this food to replenish the stores you used to work out.

Then, eat your regular breakfast.

I hope that helps!

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